Won't start but battery appears to be charged

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My 2006 V8 acts like I have a dead battery but when I put the charger on it the meter indicates a full charge. When I turn the key I get clicking like a dead battery. The only way I can start it is to jump it from another car or with the start setting on my battery charger. I've driven it around for an hour after each jump start but as soon as I try and start it again I get the same result. I've had no starting problems previously and we are experiencing negative teens for temperatures in MN currently.


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    As you say, clicking "usually' means a dead battery. The cold may be just enough to zap a marginal battery.

    If it's passing a load test, then check the connections at "both" ends of the battery.

    It's also possible that driving it around for an hour still isn't enough to recharge the battery - maybe putting on your trickle charger overnight will get you through the winter. But something tells me a lot of people are buying fresh car batteries up your way this week.
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