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Transmission issues

codybrickercodybricker Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in Honda
So my buddy took his 1994 Honda Accord ex automatic to jiffy lube to get his tranny fluid changed. The car ran just fine when he drove there and prior to that. But once he got his car back it was having major issues going into gear. And slipping really bad. So he drove it a couple miles to his house and parked it and there it sat for a year Intel I bought it. When I got it I did some research and found out its need the Honda tranny fluid. So I took it to Honda and had them flush it and put the right stuff in. The d4 light was flashing and the check engine light was on. So I jumped the plug and got obd code 9. Vehicle speed sensor. So I relaxed the sensor and both lights where still on. So I replaced the vss plug. Well the check engine light went off but the d4 is still flashing the same code. I am totally stumped on this situation and if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it


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