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imageHow Does It Drive After 22K Miles? - 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Long-Term Road Test

Our 2015 Jeep Renegade has held up well up to this point. It now has over 22,000 miles on the odometer with few issues. Here's why I still like driving it.

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  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    I posted this on another entry, but we rented a $25k MSRP Limited Renegade and man, is that a crappy vehicle. My wife best described it as a "teenage girl's car". No storage room (2 suitcases took up the entire hatch), the OBSESSIVE Jeep references every-freaking-where, that tiny little iPhone 3S screen (its SMALL) where you can barely see the backup camera, the cheap feeling leather, the crappy engine, the poorly laid out dashboard, etc. 3 days was our limit for that car. I couldn't imagine someone doing extensive research and choosing that vehicle. My 16 Civic has a MSRP $2k LESS than that model and is far superior in every way. Get a CRV or fuel efficient sedan, don't get this junk.
  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486
    with the condition of roads where i live, it is getting to the point where i understand wanting an off road vehicle for a more comfortable on-road experience.
  • misterfusionmisterfusion Member Posts: 471
    @kirkhilles1 - Nobody is cross-shopping this thing with a "fuel efficient sedan", so don't bother with that advice. And are we so spoiled now where a 6.5" screen in a compact CUV is considered too small? Unless your rental had the base 5" screen...which is no smaller than the base screen on Nissan and Hyundai/Kia products.

    What I would really like is for someone to come up with the "2016 Civic" version of a CUV. That is to say, a vehicle that brings something interesting and exciting to its class -- and the CR-V sure ain't it. If the Civic is jambalaya, then the CR-V is a bowl of strained broth. I probably wouldn't buy a Renegade, but I can absolutely see why some people would -- and I definitely would not buy a CR-V, at least not in its present state. I've reached a point where I need to find a vehicle interesting in some way, in order for me to consider buying it.
  • gslippygslippy Member Posts: 514
    As predicted, here comes the soft-pedal on the Renegade's shortcomings as it leaves Edmunds' garage.

    One of the entries on this vehicle went so far as to NOT recommend it for mountain driving due to the awful, underpowered drivetrain.

    And you're overlooking - or have forgotten - the terrible fuel economy. This car drinks fuel like a V8.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Maybe it's just a Jeep thang. ;)
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,133
    CX-5, anyone?
  • ianzoe1ianzoe1 Member Posts: 1
    If you like plain vanilla this isn't the car for you. This vehicle is quirky and fun. Everything a CRV isn't. I've had my Renegade for a year now and I'm in love with it. It's not perfect, but what vehicle is. And BTW I'm not a teenage girl, but a 44 year old man. But both of my teenage kids love it too. Maybe you have to be young, or young at heart, to understand it.
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