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Suzuki Aerio Wagon: MPG - Real World Numbers



  • TasieTasie Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 03 Aerio with 43,000 and i checked my mileage on my first tank of gas and only got around 17mpg. Yes it is AWD, yes 60% of that was in town, but still horribly disappointing. I know I need to check my tire pressure, but beyond that I really don't know. This car is very different than anything else I have ever owned and I don't even know how to begin to approach this terrible mileage. It of course was sold to me with no manual and I don't even know where to start. Fuel additive, oil change, air filter, fuel filter....what? I am just wondering if someone else has any insight on a particular issue that these may have so I have someplace to start.
  • oxyoxy Posts: 2
    Would getting a tire with a bigger diameter work? A 205/55R15 wheel rotates 16 times less per mile than the stock tire, so I assume the engine rpms would be reduced as well. Your speedo may be off by about 2% and indicate you're going slower than you actually are.
  • benshallbenshall Posts: 1
    Today on half tank...highway driving. ...I managed to get 39mpg on my 03 aerio sx. But I consistently get 30-34 mpg on full tank  with mixed city and hwy. I have 215k miles on my aerio. Aerio is awesome until it needs a ball joint replacement. 
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