Regenerative braking-- RAV4 Hybrid

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Hey guys,

I just purchased a RAV4 Hybrid and was wondering how the brakes work so I can drive accordingly and minimize wear and tear. Am I right by saying that the brakes are powered by the regenerative system rather than friction brakes as long as you anticipate stops and don't jam on the brakes?



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    The car is slowed down by friction acting on the motor/generator (belt-driven I presume, and attached to a controller and a battery) that normally drives the wheels. In regenerative mode, the wheel sends energy to the motor, (rather than the other way 'round) which then sends it to the controller and the battery, replenishing it. So it's that energy put back into the motor from the drive wheels that causes the friction to slow the car down. And yes, if you slam on the brakes, you won't be using the regen braking, or very very little of it.
  • tbenjamin1tbenjamin1 Member Posts: 14
    Thank you for the response!
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