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So I bought a car 2 days ago. And rushed into it at that point.
The following day, I received a phone call (have the voicemail) from the dealership saying that they missed one of my signatures for the title of the car I had just purchased. It just so happens that the same day, my client (work for home care agency) went into the hospital for an unknown amount of time which leaves my work schedule up in the air and I have no estimate of what my income will be now.
My question is, because of all of this, do I have the option to back out at this point?
Or if not, is there a possibility they would let me select a cheaper car instead?
Thanks in advance


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    Have you taken delivery of the car?

    If not, you may have the ability to talk to the dealership and 'unwind' the deal. Especially if not all the paperwork is finalized.

    Give them a call and explain your circumstances. They may be willing to switch you out to something less expensive.

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