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2012 VW Jetta SE/with conv 2.5 engine. How do you change the transmssion fluid on a sealed transm?

vw_crazyvw_crazy Member Posts: 1
edited August 2016 in Volkswagen
I recently had what I thought was a minor accident where I ran over something. I bent the transmission plate and it was around the "lip" so I ordered a transmission gasket and plate and since I had gone that far I thought with 97 thousand miles I would just have the transmission fluid changed. So when the plate and gasket were removed I had the transmssion fluid drained....mistake....I have what is called a "sealed transmission", how do I get the transmission fluid back into my Jetta? It is sitting in my driveway with NO transmission fluid.


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd North East Ohio USAMember Posts: 194
    Hello! You didn't say which transmission you have, but there are several good YouTube videos about servicing these transmissions. I am posting a link to one, this one is for the Asian 09 G model transmission, if this is not your model, search for the exact correct model, or call your local dealer and ask for the procedure and location of the plugs. Good luck!
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