2016 Rav4 Likes/Dislikes

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Any thoughts on like/dislikes?
My wife has a 2016 Rav4. Hood shakes by the cowl area while on the highway ... very annoying especially on a sunny day.
Poor location for the sport mode switch ... should be on the steering wheel.
Don't like the fabric on the door panels.


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    Haven't noticed the hood shake. You might ask the dealer to see if they can put in a rubber damper. In my 2006, one fell out and the hood made noise.

    I can say the 2016 XLE is a BIG upgrade from my 2006 Sport. Most everything is great...except:

    *Loss of cuby-holes on the left of the steering wheel (where I used to keep the garage door clicker), cubby-hole in the front part of the raised console, loss of the door in the area above the glove compartment.
    *With the seats folded down, I can't put anything on the rear passenger floorboard like I used to
    *The cargo area, with seats folded down appears to be smaller than the 2006 version. Not sure why since the dimensions are about the same.
    *Roof cross bars are now an 'option;? Just give us the roof bars Toyota!
    *App selection on the Entune system is very, very sad. Toyota should just go with Android/IOS car OS instead of their own proprietary one. I do like the cell phone data sharing however.
    *Navigation map is about 2 years out of date, and there have been no updates since.
    *Voice command system claims to be 'natural language' but not my natural language, apparently. *Note: I've only spoken English for about 45 years.

    That's about all I can think of at this point ;-)
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