2010 Santa Fe sucked a valve

mjgrantmjgrant Member Posts: 3
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I've owned my 2010 Santa Fe since Jan. 2014. Current mileage 72,500. Vehicle had been well taken care of. Being the second owner, the warranty expired after 5yr, 60k mi.

Two weeks ago while driving I heard a funny noise, then the motor quit. Had my garage look at it and was told the motor was stuck. Yesterday the motor was removed and taken apart. Apparently a valve dropped into the cylinder, destroying the head, piston, and cylinder. Seized the motor to the point that it could not be turned in either direction.
I was able find a good low mileage same year motor to install, which is being done as we speak.

Needless to say, I am beside myself over this. The overall cost is going to be in excess of $4000.

Has anyone heard of similar problems?


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