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Passat TDI - Health Problems?

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Out of curiosity, have any other VW TDI owners noticed an increase in allergies or upper respiratory infections. I bought my Passat TDI in 2013. About 15 months later (before the diesel problem hit the news) I started developing upper respiratory problems (no previous history of respiratory problems).

I was evaluated by a cardiologist and hospital for heart problems – none found. Pulmonary physician evaluated me and finally referred me to allergists. Although tests revealed no food or plant allergies, an irritation was causing repeated sinus infections, ear infections, and acute bronchitis. Evaluations occurred over a 24 month period.

My wife was the first to notice a relation with when I drove my car daily, and when we spent a weekend of activities driving her car. She noticed that when driving her car “I didn’t cough”, and I didn’t have the sinus/breathing irritation. --- Without waiting on the settlement, after another bout with acute bronchitis, a few months ago I traded my Passat TDI (at a lost), but my health started improving immediately. --- Needless to say we are happy. Just wanted to share; my story might help someone else.


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    I'm aware of one story where a person got sick after buying a new Subaru. Guesses ranged from the seat foam to wiring under the dash to the window gaskets to a leaky heater core. Her docs opined that something outgassing was getting her, diagnosis iirc was chemical pneumonia. She wound up working with Subaru to get a new car and didn't have any more issues after that.

    Here's another one.

    My wife has asthma, pretty mild, doesn't have to use her inhaler too often. Diesel exhaust is a trigger but she's not around it enough to have issues. If we get behind a stinkpot in traffic, we just fall back or even pull over until we're back driving in the fresh air. Naturally we have no interest in buying a TDI, even if they were still for sale and were "clean".
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