Ford 500 Traction Control Light

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I took my Ford 500 in to the Ford dealership to have all 4 brake pads replaced and the rear rotors. I received a voicemail from one of the mechanics stating that they were having trouble replacing the rear right rotor - apparently he was having a rough time compressing the caliper. When I went to pick it up the next day, the traction control light wouldn't turn off. I called and let them know and they said to bring it in. On my work order/invoice from the replacement it states "during test drive traction control light came on. Unable to determine cause. Refer to service." I was never referred to service when I picked up my car but when I called in the next day they told me to come in. They have had my car for 4 weeks now and after my latest phone call they are telling me that it is just a freak coincidence that my light is on after being recently serviced and that it will cost me around $500 to have the sensors replaced. Is that really the case? Could they have accidentally damaged the sensors when they did the brake pad and rotor replacement?


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    No way to know unless you first know the code being read and which type of sensor is being indicated. If it's a wheel sensor, the harness could be damaged during a brake job; if it's related to a differential sensor, then highly unlikely. Also sensors and or tone rings are sensitive to road damage or dirt; also tone rings can be contaminated from brake dust from the pads.
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