All of a sudden _ BSD Deactivated _ warning triangle on dash, unable to cycle switch back on

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2016 Santa Fe Sport Turbo Ultimate - 20k, Normal highway driving, weather clear, NO ice, NO rain, NO debris on rear bumper. NEVER hit, wrecked or bumped into anything. Purchased new, well taken care of. Since day one I noticed that the rear back up sensors for park assist will act all upset and crazy (they will ALL come on and stay on) in heavy rain conditions, or after a brutal car wash, I'm willing to chalk that up to rain / water interference - goes away when car drys out. HOWEVER, new concern is while driving at normal highway speeds in light to moderate traffic the center dash screen (the one between the speedo and tach) illuminated a orange warning triangle with the exclamation point. Upon scrolling to the service menu to get the specifics it shows BSD DEACTIVATED with a large circular orange icon and the slash thru it - the 2 little cars icon and the wavy lines between them is also on the screen , but they are illuminated in the white- sh color of the normal dash texts. So, with time to kill, I called the dealerships service department, WOW! they answered - and asked for a service tech OR a service manager- on hold for 5 minutes - Viola ! HE asked what he could do for me -I then proceeded to explain the problem, at least 3 different ways, until I think he understood - was told - Hmmmm never heard of that happening- was asked to cycle the lane change assist button on and off (I had already informed him that didn't do squat) - but hey whats to lose here- I did that a few times, (NO blue light) and Squat again happened - So, I asked if a key on off cycle might "refresh" the electronics and he concurred - Found a safe pull off, turned vehicle off, re-started it - BINGO, Fixed, For Now.
So, my question is, has anyone else dealt with this problem ? and if so what, if anything actually happened ?
A) It's under warranty, who cares, get the rental and leave it with the service department.
B) Ahhh Forget About It - (Donnie Brasco)
C) Premonition of future computer/ software/ failure - Time to trade it in.
D) Start using my mirrors, like we all used to do, BEFORE changing lanes.
E) All of the above


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    It's possible that the technician is going to need to see the vehicle while the event is happening, so that he can track it down.
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