Car Buying Advice - 2014 BMW 328i failing CPO certification

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I've been in the market for a 2014 328i CPO vehicle but many I have been interested in have been failing CPO certification. Is there a known issue with the 2014 models after hitting 25k miles?


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    If these cars miss a required maintenance (like brake fluid change) BMW won't certify them. That being said I would never buy a used bmw without the CPO warranty. The last few I have owned had engine issues around 60K and I was relieved they were covered. Just last week my 2011 E92 hit 62K and an oil leak shorted out some electronics. Thankfully it was still covered.
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    @springalive, I agree with @msugar7275 that there are many reasons why they might not be certifying the BMWs. My question is, who is informing you that they are failing the certification process? I'm just curious as most dealerships/salespeople would probably try to disguise the real reason and/or lead you down a path away from the topic.
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  • springalivespringalive Member Posts: 5
    We had the same issue with our 2nd BMW at 60K miles - oil leak that cost about $4K to repair. We got rid of the vehicle shortly after and made up the money in a conquest cash offer Mercedes was offering. So yes I was surprised when the sales people informed me that that the cars are failing. The vehicles are listed pre-maturely on the BMWUSA website as CPO however, once I submit the inquiry they tell me they are still in process and then a few days later they tell me they failed and have been auctioned off. I am in LA and this has occurred twice at 2 separate dealerships. I guess I will stick with my gut and not purchase a BMW as all the ones have been looking at have over 35K miles. My daughter will need to get a different car. Thanks!
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