winter performance of Sienna AWD?

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I find that all AWD Sienna models (and only the AWD models) come with run-flat all-season radial tires whose winter performance is rated lower than whale pooh by tire rack. I'd like to hear from Sienna AWD owners about their winter driving experience - do you have to change the tires? If so, where do you put the spare?


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    It is good till tires are good otherwise I had couple of spinouts. Not the greatest AWD compared to others
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    Thanks, jackalofny

    I really want a minivan but need AWD to get up my driveway all winter and Sienna is the only one on the market. I think a set of snow tires may be the answer, but I will need to carry a spare, which the Sienna does not have. Does it even have a compartment for one or do I need to throw it in the back and hope it doesn't rattle around too much?

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    I had a steep-ish driveway, live in NH; the OEM run-flats are worthless if there is several inches of snow. I had a 2011, then a 2015, and the tires did not get better. I also have to get to work early, sometimes when roads are unplowed. Remember, winter tires are safer because they help you stop and turn better in snow, regardless of which wheels are driven. Stopping and turning ability are not helped by the AWD system. AWD will not help you with spinouts, as an FWD system will be the same in that regard.

    I have winter tires for the winter and non-run-flat tires for the rest of the year. There are plenty of sports cars that have non-run-flat tires without a spare tire anyway, so it's not crazy to take your chances without a spare. A can of fix-a-flat is enough for me for around-town driving. The AWD takes up so much space that they delete the automatic folding mechanism and put back the manual system for the Ltd, so you are definitely not going to get a specific space for the wheel left behind from the FWD model. It might be safest to try to strap in a spare wheel for long trips. It's a minivan, you'll still have plenty of space for stuff!
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