2002 Mercury Sable heater goes on by itself. Radio stops working

vinohendrix7vinohendrix7 Member Posts: 3
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When I start the car the radio does not work and clock display is not lit. The heater blower goes on high and blows out heat at full blast. I pulled the relay for the blower under the glove and checked it. It is good. I checked all fuses and they are good. Then some days everything works normal. Then one time last week it was all working good and I turned the car off and the radio would not shut off. I had to pull # 17 fuse under hood to shut the radio off. Then I thought maybe the computer needs to be reset. I disconnected the Neg. on battery for 5 minutes and when I started the car everything was normal only for 2 days. Now it's high heat blowing and no radio.
I thought it may be a short but a short is a short and would not work on and off. So can this be a ECU or ECM.
Right now in So. Cal it is warm. So I pulled the blower relay from the inside fuse box just to keep the heat from blowing. I'll do without the radio till I fix this problem.

With the radio working when it should not I gave the sable a new name, “Christine”) Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you

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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    What model Mercury? Year?

    You may want to check the battery connections at "all" ends (firewall, starter, etc.) while waiting for responses in here.

    How old is the battery?
  • vinohendrix7vinohendrix7 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Stever and Mr. Shiftright.
    It is a 2002 Sable. The battery is only 2 years old. I did a scan on the car. I have a OBD scanner and no codes came up. I will follow the battery connections and repost the results. But am I right about a short. If its a short nothing would work or would it be sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.
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    Same exact thing is happening with my 2001 Sable. I had the control panel replaced and still does it. Could it b the air door actuator?
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