Competitive alternatives to 2017 CR-V EX for leasing?

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I'm currently leasing a CR-V LX that matures in October. I've been researching and following prices on the 2017 EX, and the numbers aren't good -- money factor high, not much for discounts off MSRP. The moderators on the 2017 CR-V Lease Questions thread here in the forum have often stated that the 2017 CR-V is not a good deal for leasing right now. Which is too bad, because the EX package has all the features I'd like (Apple CarPlay, keyless start, sunroof, lane sensing, heated seats).

I'd love to stay in a CR-V and upgrade to an EX, but I'm finding it's a bigger lease payment than I want to spend (getting quotes in the mid to high $300s with minimal upfront costs). I don't want another LX because I want to extra features in an EX. I'm willing to consider a competitor and would appreciate any advice. Specific features I want in a similar CUV/small SUV are AWD, Apple CarPlay (so this narrows the brands to Ford, GMC, Buick, Hyundai, Kia, and VW per Apple's website), keyless start, heated seats, some sort of lane sensing/blind spot detection ... sunroof would be really nice, leather seats not important. I'd love to have a payment of around $300, sign and drive (don't mind paying a few hundred or so at signing for tag/title/license fees in addition to first month's payment). I'm in the Boston area.

Does such a thing exist at this price point? Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @madgemini Thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! I'll be happy to help you here with your question. Yes, it is true that the CR-V doesn't discount as much as the other SUV's, but there are now discounts that are hovering within $1,800-$3,000 off according to our Edmunds TMV and other deals that I've personally assisted with. The residual for a 36 month lease is 61% at 15k per year. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the MF, though I don't expect it to be great.

    There are other SUV's that lease very well. Hyundai/Kia usually discount pretty heavy, as does Ford. I think those would be your best bets for leasing as they are very competitive. Though it may be a bit of a stretch to get it right at $300, I'd start with those. The Ford has up to $3,500 in rebates and a low MF of 1%. Though the Kia's MF is 0.00176, it has $3,000 cash rebates. With the desired options, a $300 payment will be tough with minimal down as most of these SUV's will approach 30k before discounts. But, these are great places to start! What do you think?
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    .00200 MF on the CR-V

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