Help! Do you know what are these panels from?

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I just bought these at an estate sale to repurpose but want to know what they are before I do. I don't want to repurpose something that is rare or valuable or badly needed

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    Even if you can get me in the ballpark of what they might be from I would appreciate it. Such as is it part of a hood or fender or? A guess as to a manufacturer... anything. I am really lost. I am not sure they are even part of a car.
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    They are about 4 to 5 feet long. Its about 16' in the "front" and 10" in the back. I will get the exact dimensions tonight and maybe a couple of other photos showing both the way it connects and what looks like "weather stripping" which might be a clue as to how it connects/touches to some other body part. There are some "connectors/latches/rods." I thought about fender skirts because they taper from what looks like the front to back. But the way it connects seems inaccessible. On second thought, now that you mention fender skirts, it may explain why the connectors seem so inaccessible. They are accessible if it is a fender skirt with the bottom open. If they are, these look like no other fender skirts I have ever seen. The stranger the answer as to what they are from the better as far as I am concerned. Thanks for your help @PF_Flyer More to come. It took us a while to figure out the Earth was round... I am hoping this discovery process requires less time.
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    @PF_Flyer Your suggestion of a fender skirt was spot on. I just randomly searched for fender skirts on eBay and found many this style including a set that looked identical. That one was "full of bullet holes, dented and missing all the latches." It sold for $500. They are from a late 50s Merc, or Chevy Impala according to this guy. They are called cruiser skirts. It all seems so obvious now but thanks for your help. Given the condition of mine they have to be worth $650. I paid $65. I don't think I will re-purposing these. Thanks for your help.
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