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The pain on my 2010 Honda Odyssey has started popping off. When speaking with the dealership about the issue they want to remind you how old your car is and how far out of warranty your vehicle is instead of addressing the issue at hand, faulty pain and faulty paint job. I was directed to call Honda of America and spoke with their very rude corporate liaison and again she wanted to tell me how old my car was and basically because I drive my car, it must be my fault. I explained to her that I have taken pictures of other Hondas with the exact same issues and she said there was nothing they would do. I was going to trade in for a Honda Pilot but will never buy another Honda. Buyer beware! Attached you will find additional photos of the cars I have taken pictures of. I will continue to document this problem in hopes of saving people the headache of purchasing a vehicle that I once thought was a quality car.


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    Didn't see any photos. Is the clearcoat peeling? Sometimes that can be fixed without great expense.

    Was it garaged? Waxed now and then?
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    I was on the roof of my house when my wife pulled up and I noticed the roof of our 2011 odyssey. I could not believe it. Honda does not seem to want to stand by their product. I just started this process. Any advise. 
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    yeah that looks like clearcoat failure, which can certainly happen on horizontal surfaces exposed to a lot of UV.

    A body shop might be able to sand that off and apply another coat of clear--it would look a lot better.

    THIS ARTICLE may be of interest to you. Apparently Honda does acknowledge paint issues with the Odyssey. You might check to see if your car fits within the criteria for some warranty adjustment.
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