How to enable automatic door locking on 2017 CX-9?

rayquickrayquick Salt Lake City, UTMember Posts: 4
edited April 2017 in Mazda
Hi there. Just purchased a 2017 Grand Touring Mazda CX-9. Totally love the car but was just wondering if anyone has an idea on if it is possible to have automatic door locking when the car is being driven? The manual says you can enable the feature however, the version of the car they show on the manual has a lock/unlock button. While the car I personally have just had a lock door knob and when you lock the drivers side, it locks all doors for the vehicle. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


  • matiaspmatiasp Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem as rayquick has, I've just boought the CX9 GTX 2018. I can't get the car to lock automatically the doors while driving.
    The car doesn't have the botton of lock/unlock in the door so the directions the manual has I can't make them. If anyone can help me out I'll appreciate it.
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