3.6L Engine growling at 30+ MPH

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I am stumped. About 5 months ago, my CTS started having a whine like the belts were being dragged. I had recently replaced the Alternator, so I had replaced the belts within the last 10 months. I've only owned the car a little over a year. With that said, I went ahead and replaced the Tensioner Pulleys and the idler pulley. About 2 weeks ago, the whine came back, not as loud but very similar, when I made long left turns, the sound would go away; so I replaced the Power Steering Pump. Now the Whine is gone, but I have a growl that kicks in above 30+ MPH. This growl could have been masked by the whine, I am not sure. All I know is the Growl gets louder the faster I go. At 65+ MPH the steering wheel starts to oscillate.
Any help is greatly appreciated as I am totally stumped.

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    Bases on your description this seems to be related to the wheels or axles. Hard to say without being there and observing the exact characteristics of how the noise behaves. Wheel bearing noises are often described as a "ballsy rumble". Does that ring a bell?
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