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Your vehicle identification number has a story to tell, if you can understand the language it speaks. Here's how to do a VIN check.

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  • dumas17dumas17 Member Posts: 1
    Does somebody know how to find if you car's engine is VIN: 5 or VIN: 6. I came across this question when searching for a battery for my 2010 Mazda 3 Sport. The advance auto parts website had me choosing between two engines types: 2.5L 2488CC Fl VIN: 5 or 2.5L 2488CC Fl VIN: 6. I have not idea where to find this information. Can somebody help?
  • toyo22retoyo22re Member Posts: 1
    I found the same question on the discussion board below. It looks like the only difference is the emission control level (regular or low emission). I wouldn't think that effects the battery requirements. Cranking power required is based on the weight of the pistons, crank shaft, etc and the number of pistons. Since the engines are the same size, I would guess they use the same battery. Measuring the dimensions of the battery might help to make sure the new one fits in the opening. As a last resort, you could call Mazda. Hope that helps.
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