Is it 'normal' to lease/buy a 'new' car that's a little dirty here and there ?

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I'm in the market for a new car (first time buyer) and I've visited about 6-7 dealerships to far. All the cars I've seen so far (all of which are new), have some light dirt, smudges, dried water marks, etc., on them. Is this normal ? Some cars have stickers on them too which the dealers say they'll take off. They are also already driven typically somewhere between 20 to 70 miles. I want to know if all this is normal when buying a new car off the lot ?


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    They don't usually clean up a car, until the day of, or the day before delivery. They are shipped and stored while exposed to the weather. They'd have to wash their whole inventory weekly to keep them all clean. That would be a lot of labor, even at minimum wage.

    The cars on the showroom floor should be clean, though.

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