how long a trailer can I safely tow?

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I recently bought a 2007 Pathfinder SE specifically with the intention of towing a travel trailer, which I haven't bought yet. So I have read to tow safely that one should limit it to 20 feet of trailer for 110" of wheel base, and add 1 foot of trailer for every 4" more wheelbase. The PF has 112" wheelbase, so that would mean 20'6" trailer max. Are they including the hitch length in these numbers? I read that some of you are towing 24' trailers with pathfinders, does that include hitch length or not? Looking forward to any advice!


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    I've seen that general rule of thumb as well. I assume that hitch length is included since we're simply talking about overall length. Might be a silly idea, but as an illustration, picture a trailer where the body/bed of the trailer is only 5 feet long, but the tongue is 15' long. Still a 20' long object being towed.
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