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wont' start, died while driving

lorilwlorilw Member Posts: 1
edited May 2018 in Buick
have replaced idler control, iac sensor, maf sensor, spark plugs and wires, fuel pump, fuel filter, catalytic converter, ignition control module and all 3 coil packs. Still won't start - HELP!!!!!!! suggestions? other than cement boots to bottom of the river!

it cranks like it wants to turn over, but won't turn over.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,975
    edited May 2018
    Who recommended replacing all that crap? You've spent more than a qualified diagnosis charge at a Chevy dealer and the cost of having them repair it most likely. Sorry.

    It has to be diagnosed.

    You need air, fuel, and spark for the engine to fire. Since it's cranking over, you need to determine which is missing. You can take a spark plug wire off at a plug and put a small screwdriver into the end and lay it so the metal of the screwdriver is an 1/8 inch from metal. Have someone crank engine and look for spark.

    If no spark, then it can be anything from the crankshaft position sensor not getting the magnetic signal from the tooth on the harmonic balancer inside edge going by to the spark control module (the flat thing under the 3 coils), or a connection in between. Crankshaft position sensors usually fail slowly, failing when hot but working after a 30-minute cool down again. They rarely fail immediately and completely. A wire could have broken in the circuit, however, Of the connector contacts could have broken the circuit.

    Does the fuel pump turn on when the key is turned to ON and stay on for about 1 second? Listen with all accessories off, or have someone hold their ear near the open gas filler. You've replaced the fuel pump, but the circuit might not be working.

    If someone cranks the engine and there's no clicking you can feel in the injector as it pulses to shoot a squirt of fuel in, then injector control is bad. I think that's a part of the powertrain computer, but not sure.

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