HELP!! no idle and takes forever to start

JagerDekkanJagerDekkan Greeley CoMember Posts: 1
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i could really use some help her guys. i have a 2005 Mitsubishi outlander, when i try to start it the engine shake and doesn't go over 300 rpms even when i hold the throttle down, or feather it. it takes at least a minute with me feathering the gas to get it started, and when i finally do i have to hold the gas down because it has absolutely no idle. i thought that it might have something to do with the fuel pump, so i had replaced it but the problem is still there. any advice?


  • COLEDIGGERCOLEDIGGER TennesseeMember Posts: 3
    Recheck your fuel pressure and see if the pressure is correct and if it holds pressure or leaks off
  • COLEDIGGERCOLEDIGGER TennesseeMember Posts: 3
    Sorry about that I had to go anyway rechecked your fuel pressure and if it drops try changing your regulator

  • COLEDIGGERCOLEDIGGER TennesseeMember Posts: 3
    Try changing your fuel filter if you haven't already done it
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