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Extended Warranties



  • txfatboytxfatboy Posts: 3
    I'm not sure that you read my statement previously. I plainly stated that it is a bad idea to purchase a contract on a vehicle from someone who is willing to sell that contract without verifying the condition of the vehicle.

    Even cars with good reliability track records can have failures. They may or may not be the high dollar transmission or engine failures, but having window motors go out at Christmas time, or an a/c that quits working just as you're planning your drive to Florida for vacation can put a major kink in your plans. But, if you have the money to fix repairs IF they occur without breaking the bank then don't buy a contract.

    Honda has long been considered a very reliable vehicle. Ask some service people who have worked for Honda about the "black death" on a/c systems a few years ago. Extremely expensive and NOT covered by Honda after the warranty period and it rarely occurred DURING the base warranty period.

    I would definitely recommend buying only through a dealership. The companies who are shady operators won't last long because its too damaging to the dealerships reputation. And research the company before you buy. If you are ONLY going to have your vehicle repaired at a factory dealership then maybe you should by the OEM contract, though this isn't possible if you purchase a pre-owned Honda from a Chevy dealer. Also, if you're traveling and aren't near a dealership or they can't get to your vehicle for a few days with the OEM contract you cannot take it to an independent shop, with aftermarket you can.

    Again, it's a BAD IDEA to make blanket statements about most anything.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    I just leased a new volvo for 2 years and to my surprise, geico automatically put on this mechanical breakdown insurance, which cost $55 for 6 mos. Is there any reason why i would need this? Not only is there a full warranty but volvo has emergency road service and towing with the car.
  • texasestexases Posts: 8,922
    I can't think of why you'd need that on a brand new car with factory coverage. I'd have it taken off my policy.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    Thanks, that's what I thought, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I have a slightly different angle on extended service contracts....Its more related to the individuals personal financial situation. (Assuming you will keep the car beyond the factory warranty)... If you can afford to self insure and inking an unexpected check for $2000-5000 isn't a big deal then skip the warranty. The odds are with you. OTOH, if this would be a huge financial hardship then your probably better off getting the warranty.

    Another thing to consider...those who can afford to self insure generally follow the routine maint. schedule like clockwork. Folks with limited funds rarely do "everything" that should be done on the MFG schedule. Thus compromising the reliability of the vehicle in the long run. Now that so many car companies are using turbo's I can't wait to see the related problems by poor maintenance. I also make sure the electronics are covered, because they are really expensive to replace!!

    Of course, Ive never had anyone who had a big service bill paid by warranty every tell me they were sorry they purchased the extended warranty. LOL
  • mnenclavemnenclave Posts: 4
    edited October 2013
    Here is my experience for what it is worth...
    In January of 2010 I purchased a 2008 Buick Enclave with 58,000 miles. The original warranty on the car was 36,000/3 years. So, it was already out of warranty. Since this was the most expensive vehicle I have ever purchased, I was looking for some peace-of-mind. I purchased an extended warranty from the dealer at a cost of around $1500. In my case, I am glad I did.
    I purchased the 2008 Buick Enclave due to my large family and the need to have an eight passenger car that would actually fit in my garage. About six months after my purchase, things went south on this vehicle. I found out that this model year of the Enclave was plagued with issues and I was experiencing many of the same issues other 2008 Enclave owners had experienced. Everything from issues with the power steering, leaking timing chain housing, bad idler arms, leaking sunroofs, leaking rear transfer case (all-wheel-drive), leaking water pump. The prize winner was when the transmission went out just before 80,000 miles (again this was a common issue due to a failed part called the 3-5-R wave plate).
    The extended warranty I purchased was a "Bumper-to-Bumper" warranty from Zurich. I read the warranty from beginning to end before I agreed to purchase the car and the warranty. The warranty was very specific about what was covered and what items were not. Long-story-short, the Zurich warranty covered every failed item listed in my previous paragraph, including the transmission. I took my vehicle back to the dealer I bought it from for all repairs. To this date, I have paid approximately $500 in out of pocket costs for these repairs. Each incident is a $100 out of pocket deductible. The bills for these repairs has exceeded $9000...the transmission was $5500 alone. Zurich has covered all the repairs without hesitation.
    I guess I must be one of the "lucky" ones that actually had the investment in a warranty pay off.
  • Which is the best extended car warranty?
  • cypercatcypercat Posts: 2
    Just putting this experience out there for those looking at an extended warranty for a high mileage car/van. I purchased a van from a local dealer, because of the high mileage I purchased an extended warranty with Costguard for $1800 for two years 24,000.

    Last week as I was going through a drive thru there was a loud bang from the front end of the van. I was not able to go forward or backward. Had the van towed to the local dealer and he said that the axle snapped. He said it would be covered under our extended warranty however they never dealt with Costguard. They called me later and said that Costguard denied the claim because the reason the axle snapped was because somehow the boot got a tear in it and the grease leaked out. We have never seen any sign of leaking on the garage floor or the driveway. They said we probably wouldn't as they put shields so it doesn't leak onto the ground. So according to them even though there was no way we could have know this had happened or was happening and we were not negligent in our use of the vehicle but they do not cover parts when there is a lack of lubricant.

    I told them I could understand if the oil light went on and we continued driving the van or if the temp. light came on and we continued to drive the van. But there was no way we could have know this was happening. The van drove fine up to that point of when the axle snapped.

    We now have a $600 bill with a extended warranty that is pretty much useless.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Wouldn't hurt to ask your local consumer protection agency or AGs off (or maybe insurance commissioner) to look at your claim.
  • What ever you do don't use Portfolio extended warranty. They are making us sit in a garage lot 2 to 24 hours waiting for approval on cover parts. Night mare.
  • I purchased the EasyCare Total Care coverage when I bought my 2011 Ford Fusion. Recently there was a problem with the emission control system; purge valve, carbon canister and related to dirt getting in through Ford's "capless fueling system" which was poorly designed and has since been improved with the 2013 model. There have been several instances of the check engine light coming on relating to a failure in this system. There is even a Technical Service Bulletin out about this issue. After battling with them over the phone and the Ford Dealership in my town spending 45 min on the phone with them, they finally relented and covered it. I had to do a lot of research on this issue which paid off but I would advise not to purchase their coverage. Better to get it from the auto manufacturer than a 3rd party which is what they are. They were also not very friendly on the phone. Ford customer service would probably have covered it immediately if I had purchased their warranty coverage based on what they told me. I did not know at the time that Easycare was a 3rd party company.
  • will201will201 Posts: 28
    edited May 2018
    Any suggestions for companies that offer extended warranties for a 2016 Ford Expedition EL XLT? It currently has 44K miles on it.
  • texasestexases Posts: 8,922
    I would consider nothing other than a Ford factory-backed warranty, shop the different dealers.

    But I would just put that money in a savings account, with the knowledge that I'd probably have most/all of it left by the time I sold the Expedition.
  • bigdaddy929bigdaddy929 MissouriPosts: 1
    A guy from the dealership said to use website. He said they have a lot of the dealership policies and of a no interest payment plan. So I'm like ok, I called them and they sent over a couple of different policies to pick from. Some from the GM dealer and some weren't. The guy said they are all back by insurance companies. I took one out about 4 years ago, they paid for the window and transmission in my BMW. So so far they seem legit. I got 2 more years to go but already made my money back. It seems like there are certain companies out there that don't pay and those are the ones you need to worry about. Any ways, that's my 2 cents, hope that helps.
  • texasestexases Posts: 8,922
    You may be one of the lucky few that saved money, or you may be a spammer pushing that web site. Hard to tell from here. But my money's on spammer (one post, website named, etc.).
  • berriberri Posts: 10,140
    For me, if I was going to buy an extended warranty, I'd only consider a factory bumper to bumper. Hard for the dealer to deny any claim against the vehicle except abuse, and in that case you can appeal directly to the manufacturer's corporate zone office if you think the dealer is unfair.
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