2013 Equus Air suspension strut failures and trunk lid issues

sburkettsburkett Member Posts: 1
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I have 48K miles and the front left strut failed at 46K and the left rear has failed now. They parts were on back order for 2 weeks and then they called with the parts in. I dropped car off and then they call and said the airbag was not included and was also on back order for an unknown amount of time.
There are no explanations , just sorry we'll look into it.
Is this a common complaint?
The trunk lid opens randomly when being started and of course they have never have heard of such an issue. Of course it was posted 4+ years ago on this forum.


  • sdr4bearsdr4bear Newport NewsMember Posts: 1
    Wow! I thought I was the only one with a suspension problem. I was really disappointed with this problem. I had an embarrassing problem with my suspension. I am a REALTOR and while showing some clients a house, I notice as I pulled into the driveway that the front of the car was dragging the ground. Nothing came on, indicating there was a problem, so I attributed it to the driveway being high. Once we pulled into the driveway, and clients got out and was looking around the house, I looked back at the car and noticed the front of the car was low. I was surprised since the car only had 60105. Yes, 105 miles past the warranty. Well, after showing the clients the house, I called an Uber for them and had the my car towed to the Hyundai dealership. Yep, second surprise as the car had to go to another Hyundai dealership that deals with high end Hyundai's. Well, anyway, I had to pay for the new front shock. VERY EXPENSIVE, on a late model car with just over 60,000 miles. I was very disappointed. Now scanning the internet, I see this is a common, EXPENSIVE problem. Yes, the car has to go. I see this as the beginning to many future expensive repairs. Yes, I am very disappointed. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a Equus, to run away, unless you have a lot of money to burn.
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