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I have a 1999 Isuzu trooper v6 4x4 automatic tranny

KimmyfiteKimmyfite Morgan Hill caPosts: 3
edited November 2018 in Isuzu
I was driving it home it slipped then it would not shift into 2nd. 3rd or 4 the gear we changed the filter and oil no change so I buy on the from junk yard put it in it did the same thing so befor I called them I took it to a good machnice we changed the computer the winter and power button same so I returned it for another on put it in but not realizing the rear seal has 3 screw's in it we put a note on in it shifted but it got hot and blew the seal so we figured it out got the one with the 3: screw's in and it doing the same thing won't shite R works 1st works so I took it to aamco t put on the scanner or what ever it is they said no code came up need to rebuild so I took it to another shop no charge they kept it about a week couldn't figure it out so then I replaced the tranny computer and it still doing the same I need help if any one has any thing to say please help me


  • KimmyfiteKimmyfite Morgan Hill caPosts: 3
    Please help me
  • Nate4x4Nate4x4 ON, CanadaPosts: 8
    It's still not shifting?
  • KimmyfiteKimmyfite Morgan Hill caPosts: 3
    No it still not shifting  I need my truck it been a year now
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,292
    edited January 25
    Starting to feel like a rebuild/replacement is going to be the answer. The folks who have actually looked at it are in a better position to know than someone reading here.

    Another thing that needs to be considered with a 19-20 year old vehicle is whether the cost to repair is going to be worth spending. That's going to depend on a lot of things. General condition of the vehicle, how many other things are likely to need to be repaired or replaced going forward (with a vehicle this old, things start to happen)

    If it's going to be a couple of hundred dollars and you think that gets you another year or two, maybe that's the way to go. If it's going to be $1,000+, you may be facing the hard choice.

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