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Security system? issue with my 1999 Lincoln Town Car. Very bizarre...

sparkyusnsparkyusn VAPosts: 1
edited December 2018 in Lincoln
This situation is very perplexing to say the least. Please help me out if you can. I will try to detail the problem in as short of time as possible. Sometimes the fuel pump gets turned off and the engine will not start. I have noticed a few things that happen whenever this occurs. Whenever it will not start, the little red light on the dash that normally flashes at 1 flash per second starts flashing rapidly whenever I turn the key to the on-position. Then the engine will not start. Sometimes I have tried the following to get it started... I will take out the keys from the ignition when it refuses to start, then move outside of the car, and then locking the doors and shutting the door . Then I will insert my key into the door lock, unlock the door using the key, get back behind the wheel, place my key into the ignition switch and then the car will start nine times out of ten. There are some times that the car will not start at all for several minutes, up to 15 minutes. It is all very random. It can be cold or hot outside and it will do the same thing. There is no rhyme or reason to this problem. I went so far as to do a little research online recently and I purchased a used module that operates the keypad on the driver's door and had that replaced and it made no difference. This is where I am at right now. I would like to know how to proceed if I may. This is a 1999 model Town Car that's been kept in good shape all this time and has 202000 miles on it to date. I appreciate some thoughtful help. Thank you


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,331
    Has anyone used a professional scan tool to look for faults stored in the ECM? Your answer might lie right there.

    Guessing is expensive. If you have to pay an experienced tech to do a thorough diagnosis, that often pays off in the end with problems like this.

    THIS WEBSITE sshould be helpful to you, as it explains not only how the system works, but how you can avoid doing things that will definitely not fix the problem (like the keypad module).

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