Newer SUV with a factory CD Player as one of their features?

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In market for a new SUV. Problem is that I want a cd player as of their installed features. Appears can not find one on google.. but google is an ad engine today, not a search engine.
If I could find a list of these SUV, would be grateful.
Figure, many of Edmund's subscribers would have more input then most websites.

Anyone have any suggestions? Do you own one?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    This list holds true for 2018, and so I assume before that. I have no data on 2019 models but I think CDs are mosty phased out by now.

    Buick--No 2018 Buick has a CD player, however, the GMC Yukon and Sierra models do. Players are not offered as options.
    Honda--Only the HRV model offers a CD player for2018 . Players are not offered as options for other models. However, a package including a DVD can be purchased for two higher-end models and CDs can be played on it as well as DVDs.
    Lincoln--All 2018 models come with CD players standard except the Navigator and the Continental. Both those models offer CD players as options.
    Mazda— Only the Mazda 6 and CX3 have CD players.
    Toyota— Some models come with CD players and some don't. The 2018 Corolla comes with a CD player standard.
    Ford— All 2018 models have CD players standard.
    Hyundai— All 2018 models have CD players in the base models, but upgrades don't include it.
    Chevrolet— Only the Chevrolet Impala has a CD player, and that only with an upgraded package
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