Looking for first car, would 1990 Toyota Corolla Wagon be worth getting for now?

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So I'm looking for my first car right now. Don't need anything fancy or new, just something to get me around for now and maybe a small road trip before it dies (but that's secondary).

Just started looking around and happened to find a listing that's within a reasonable enough distance to consider. Mainly caught my eye because I like the look of older station wagons and they're offering it for $850. But it's a 1990 Toyota Corolla Wagon w/125k miles on it. According to the seller its in pretty good condition aside from needing a coil for the heater. Figure it's probably too old to be really worth it since I imagine parts will be hard to find. Plus, understandably, it looks a little worn in from the pictures (I'll post one from the listing).

But in all honesty I know very little about cars so I thought I'd ask. Anyone have any thoughts? Could it be worth getting for the next year or so?



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    It is a running car for $850. That part is good. Will it last another year? Who knows? But, if you need it for daily commuting, the chances are slim. Cars from that area often have major rust issues (maybe, even dangerously so).

    Try to find something about ten years newer, and your chances improve.

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