Is it hard to find parts for a 1978 Grand Prix?

KevinVal1KevinVal1 Member Posts: 1
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A friend of mine told me that it would be hard finding parts if they were needed because Pontiac doesn't exist anymore. Is this true? I mean, aren't universal parts available? (for example: )

He also said the motors in late '70s Pontiacs were no good. How is the 301ci V8?


  • carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    Based on what I've seen on, many of the parts (or equivalent) can be found. I didn't see certain trim parts (grill, headlight trim, bumpers), so you might want to find a specialty source for that. I can't comment too much about the engine, but the model was popular (based on what I used to see on the street), and many vehicle engines were choked of power to meet the then-new emissions and fuel economy standards (200-220hp v8 attempting to move two tons of old school metal doesn't sound fun to me). If you manage to find an example that still has a intact engine block, congratulations! You won't have to shell out to get a new (or used) LT4 to install!
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