metal on metal sound in front end

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hello this is going to be a lengthy post so please bear with me okay i recently bought a 2000 z24 edition cavalier with a 2.2 automatic trans. did not take it for a test drive first mistake,starts right up idles great,goes into gear great can not even feel it go from park to drive or hear it run that is how smooth it is, the problem is when going down the road there is a metal on metal grinding noise coming from the front end,and before ya go jumping to the wheel bearings and and axles that is not the problem,!! I'm very mechanically inclined and looked at each and everyone of these issues first, even jacked car up removed front wheels and put it in gear upon doing this the car does not make the noise,but put wheels back on and take it down the road it makes the noise no popping,snapping,grinding like bearing tore apart but just a metal on metal sound,now upon further discovery my torque mount ( the dog bone mount) is shot for sure get's at least an inch and half play back and forth and the top motor mount on passenger side also appears to be broken,ok so now that ya have all that info upon further observation if ya look up into like where the starter bolts up you can see the flywheel and torque converter well there is a real shinny area all the way around the torque converter like where something is rubbing it with no signs of metal shavings anywhere, but it also looks like where the converter was welded during manufacturing,I'm not a genius by far but i cannot for the life of me figure out what would be able to grind on the torque converter in this spot so I'm not sure this is even the problem but the grinding noise does not happen when car is jacked up and running just when it is in gear and sitting on the ground going down the road,okay so if anybody reads this and can make some sort of sense of it please get back to me as soon as possible this is my only vehicle,oH and to add this it is not the breaks front or rear nor wheel bearings or calipers or struts, thanks


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    if its anything like the sound i had that more annoyed me than anything (never caused a problem), there is the A/C clutch within the pulley of the compressor that could need replaced, and mine would just keep making the noise at random times until i accidentally caught it more with the direct turning on or off of the A/C. The sound under the hood didn't seem like it was in the right spot, sounded different from different areas, but could never actually see it. so its just a bearing or whatever its called in the pulley that you can directly replace instead of the whole expensive compressor for about $20, it will stop the partial wobble of the pulley and metal shreak sound goes away. had me going crazy for awhile. But that was my issue, i have no idea if its yours. g/l
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