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Diminished Value of Q7 due to Repaired Accident

AudiCarShopperAudiCarShopper Houston MetroMember Posts: 3
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How much does a (repaired) accident actually affect the price I should expect to pay?

I'm comparing 2019 Q7 Premium Plus from Audi dealer CPO (used by dealer as company vehicle) vs a Prestige Q7 from CarMax (previously a leased vehicle reportedly involved in a minor accident). Both vehicles have similar mileage and in-service time.

I'm attempting to get a copy of the accident report using VIN for a better narrative of actual damage; is there a general percentage I should expect the car to be reduced in value?



  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoModerator Posts: 198,822
    Let me see if I can get you some help

    @qbrozen - any advice here?

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  • AudiCarShopperAudiCarShopper Houston MetroMember Posts: 3
    Thank you, Michaell.

    Of course I know an accident, however minor, would affect value of the car. But by how much? if we can't see it under the hood or body - and the car looks pristine - who doesn't like to get a 'really great deal' !??

    (or, am I inviting trouble because ... whoever owned it last immediately sent it to auction?)
  • AudiCarShopperAudiCarShopper Houston MetroMember Posts: 3
    To anyone concerned - I was able to obtain a copy of the accident report online (by providing the VIN number). The reporting officer included sufficient details as to determine the accident left only cosmetic damage to the Q7. We purchased it and, oddly enough when transferring the title, found the original owner had been the local AUDI dealer! Apparently they didn't want to bother selling one of their program cars with a history in CARFAX showing an accident! (or perhaps, the driver's insurance paid enough restitution to the dealer that they were able to send it to auction and make a profit!?)
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