PT Cruiser shifting

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My wife has a 2001 PT Cruiser that according to a local shop has 1st gear shifting at 4100 rpm and into second at 3200 rpm. The filter has been changed and it got better but he was correct about where it wants to shift. Can the shift points be changed at the dealer? You can let off the gas and it will upshift sooner and once in OD it is fine


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    Shift points aren't "adjustable" per say, however specific operating conditions will have an impact on when the control modules commands a shift to occur. For example: An engine that isn't running at full power would resut in a driver stepping on the throttle harder. The computer reacts to the throttle input as a desire for more torque, "harder acceleration" so it commands the shift to occur later. The fact that it does eventually shift, and you can coax it to shift by moving the throttle suggests that a performance issue could be in play. A good transmission or driveability technician should be able to identify the issue(s) easily.
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