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Lincoln MKC Dash Rattle

IowaDriverIowaDriver IowaMember Posts: 2
edited November 2019 in Lincoln
Since buying this care new, it has had an annoying rattle coming from the driver's side speaker. It is intermittent; not constant. Seems to be worse in cold weather and on washboard roads (continuous bumps). Also seems worse when going up/down a hill. Sometimes if I put my hand on the speaker cover firmly, it dull the rattle, but not completely.

Multiple dealers looked at it. One of them took apart the whole dash and found something deep that was rubbing, They fixed it...for a while, but now it's back with the cold weather.

I love this car other than this issue! Anyone know how to fix it permanently?


  • travelgeek121travelgeek121 Member Posts: 23
    I honestly have had the EXACT same issue. I have just tried to ignore it and have not found a good solution either.
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