Replaced Evaporator core and now the car won't start.

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I replaced my evaporator core and after putting it back together It won't start. After sticking the key in the slot and removing it, it beeps as if the key is still installed all the time. Once the key is inserted the LED on the power button lights green after the first press, the second press it turns amber, the check engine light flashes one time, you can hear a sound but nothing else. The LED flashes 7 times and stop. If I continue to push the button after inserting the key the Check Engine light flashes with every push, and the sound is heard every time. Its driving me nuts.


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    These kinds of problems happen, the right way to approach it is to troubleshoot it like any other no start. It would be normal for someone to say go look for a connector that might not have been reconnected but often times it can be very difficult to see once the car is put back together and it's possible that the reason it was missed is that it wasn't easy to see before that. That of course is "assuming" that's what happened because in reality there is no way to know. So right now start by pulling codes from all of the modules. Post them here and I'll help you plan the most logical approach.
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