I have a question about oil pressure

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I have a 99 Taurus Wagon with the 24 V Duratec engine. I have noticed recently that after driving at highway speeds for a while, when i get off the highway and stop for traffic signals, etc., my oil light will flash or come on. when I accelerate, it goes back out. Most recently, I drove at moderately higher speeds (75mph), and the light came on when I stopped and ther valve train sounded noisy. When i increased engine speed the noise went away and engine sounded normal. I stopped to check oil level, which was fine after letting the car sit for a few minutes. Upon restarting, no oil light, no noises. I am wondering if the oil passages in the engine may be restricted, or if the pickup screen is clogged. Under normal driving, no issues.


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    The vehicle has about 146,xxx miles, and has had regular maintenance.
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    Could be a defective oil pressure sensor. Cheap fix. That Duratec engine is pretty reliable as long as you don’t overheat it. With regular oil changes you shouldn’t have clogged oil passages. You could try one of the engine flush products to see if that helps.

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