Pontiac Bonneville General Maintenance and Repair



  • RaySanders94RaySanders94 Oskaloosa, ksMember Posts: 1
    So I have an 89 LE with 93,494 original miles that cranks but Won't start. I'm just learning about cars because my father was murdered in 2001and wasn't around to teach me. This is what happened. I bought the car drove it for say probably 6 hours and my stereo volume was fluctuating up and down the entire time I got to QuikTrip and it died because I left the dash lights on I do believe and I got a jump she started right up I let her charge for about 20 minutes notice that the battery is a side post how to add connector in it so I waited on my buddy to come bring me one and when I went to go start it again it wouldn't start battery is charged running 12-7 not cranking I've changed out my coil packs because the blister pack exploded in one of them which covered the ground underneath it with whatever they're made of I am still catching power out of my ICM so I do not believe that that blew up my GM code reader consistently reads and number 12 which is no power to the ECM I'm confused as to where to go next obviously ignition systems. I really like the car I'm just at my wit's end because I don't know enough to work on it myself and don't have the funds to send the shop if I just knew what it was I could fix it myself hell I even prefer to somebody please help
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