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96 Cavalier

johnson35johnson35 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
My 1996 Cavalier has a tendency to midfire when
the engine is warm and in a lugging (high torque,
low to moderate speed) condition. Possibly still
misfiring at high speed but harder to detect. No
check engine light, dealership has so far:

Replaced distributor module
Replace both coils
Changed Plug wires
Done something to fuel sys (cant remember what)

Odd thing is there is absolutely no problem when
enging is cold.

Any ideas what might be wrong (and the fix)?


  • a new topic in this forum about my 1994 Cavalier with a missing and a hesitation. It seems 1992-1993 Canadian Cavaliers and 1996 US models have a manufacturing defect in the head gasket that allows it to leak externally under high loads, like sustained interstate driving and heavy traffic (and I suppose owner abuse as well). Other Cavaliers have the same problem (like my 1994) but are not covered under the "Special Policy". The policy covers you up to 7 years or 100K. My car has 88,905 on it today. The dealer has confirmed the problem but can't fix it for free so now I'm stuck.

    If your engine uses water, then you are likely to be covered because you have a 1996 Cavalier.

    Never mind that we both have the same are covered if yours fails, but I am not.

    Isn't that wierd?
  • my car acts a little better when cold but not by much. It misses and occaisionally backfires through exhaust or intake throughout the operating range, and if you bury the throttle it eventually opens up but one miss and it stumbles as if it stepped on a pop top.
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