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VW Golf



  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    I'm waiting on delivery for a 2001 GTI, and I was told that there's a fair chance that it will arrive with the side air bags. The car was scheduled for production in week 50 (i.e., last week).
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    You don't know whether the car you ordered has the side curtain bags or not? Well did you pay the same price as the current 2001 GTI? If so, the one you ordered will probably not have the curtain. WV is not giving the curtains away at no charge.
  • Something for you to consider. Consumer Reports is ultra conservative. I would not let their "average" rating discourage me. It's better to make one or two warranty trips to the dealership and have a car that you really like than to have a "perfect" car and be stuck with a dog. I'm 51 and currently own an E class Mercedes and a GTI GLX but over the years I've owned many cars that were not favored by Consumer Reports including an AMC Gremlin, Ford Pinto, Fiat 124 and BMW 325i. All were fun in their own time and own way and none were as bad as CR made them out to be.
    Life is short. Get the car that you really like and have fun.
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Based on the timing of when I ordered the car, it was uncertain whether it would arrive with the side air bags. As it's a very inexpensive relative to the overall cost of the car, it was not worth holding the order to investigate. If it comes in with them, as it was being phase into production at that time, we'll deal with it then.
  • If you squirt WD 40 into the keyholes and locks before the first freeze in your area, you will never have to worry about frozen locks.
  • and it was the right decision. We do a lot of long distance driving, aand although we obviously gave up some passenger room, the overall highway - driveability of the VW is way beyond the Chrysler. We also own a Caravan, so we understand the transition thoroughly. My wife could tell the difference in handling during the test drive, and I was driving - she was in the right passenger seat.
  • I am considering a second VW, a Jetta, for my own use around town, and occasional highway trips. My '00 Passat wagon is big enough for long duration trips, so this second car will be used only for weekend excursions.

    My question is this: why aren't I considering a Golf? Should I? What are your thoughts in comparing them?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I think you should consider the Golf. They are built on the same platform as the Jetta is, and at a lower price. Also, you don't see as many Golfs around as you do Jettas, so you will be that much more unique. I also personally like the cargo space and carrying ability the hatchback has over a typical sedan trunk.
  • I admit I'm somehow attracted to the Golf, if only because they are less common. VW talks up the TDI - how has experience been in the real world? I know about the extraordinary fuel mileage, and I have heard from people who love it - who hates the diesel, and why?
  • From what I understand, the 2000 GTI and Beetles are assembled in Germany. However, for 2001, the GTI and Beetle will be assembled in Mexico.
  • Mexico has been producing quality products for several years now. I know of no reason to be wary of a Mexican-made VW GTI. VW makes changes in Germany, gets the bugs out of the manufacturing process, and sets up a excellent production line in Mexico. No reason for concern, IMHO.

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  • I've had my y2k Golf TDI GLS for a little over a year now. The only two things that I can complain about is the fact that at 40k miles I'll have to pay somewhere around $400.00 for maintance, which includes replacing the timing belt. I think VW should have went with a timing chain instead of the belt. Also, it can be pretty embarrassing when starting the diesel in cold weather because of all the white smoke. People look at me as if I'm driving a lemon or something because they don't realize it's a diesel and the smoke is common during start up. Other than that the car is awesome, and surprisingly quick for a diesel. Don't think that I could ever go back to a gasser unless it's the Vr6 or something in that nature.
  • My 2000 Golf (driven only 200 miles) makes the strangest noises, whining and creaking when I accelerate slowly after idling in traffic, or when I make a turn. I think the sound is related to the steering, but can't tell for sure. Has anyone else noticed strange sounds coming from their Golf? Thanks in advance.
  • Why did you buy a Golf instead of a Jetta? I'm still on that fence!
  • I bought the GTI for two main reasons:

    1. Weight-The GTI VR6 weighs, I think, 800 pounds less than the Jetta VR6 which translates into more torque and speed. I think it also has better handling.

    2. Cargo. Hatchbacks are so great for their space. Those who have never owned one don't realize the space available in a hatchback with the seats down. It makes a big difference.

    Good luck with your decision
  • gorkojogorkojo Posts: 10
    The noises you hear are consistent with a possible problem with the power steering but it's hard to say for sure. You can check the level of the power steering fluid on the dipstick under the hood. I had a similar problem in a car (not a Golf) once and the fluid was low. When I added fluid, the noises went away. If the fluid level is OK, you may want to just take it in to your VW dealer and let them identify the problem since the car is so new and under warranty. Good luck.
  • just bought a 2001 Golf GLS automatic in the SF bay area, for $17,920 including all taxes, etc. i was given approximately this price by 2 dealers on the phone. the first wouldn't give it to me when i came in, offering me no better than $18,800. when i returned home and called other dealers, they said if i could get it for 17,900ish i should take it and that they couldn't meet it. i did buy it for that for the other dealer. why couldn't other dealers meet that price? don't they all get it for the same price? i assume that the dealer did not take a loss on it..
    i found it annoying that many dealers would not give me numbers or negotiate over the phone.
    happy with the new car so far!
  • deevcjdeevcj Posts: 9
    I have a Golf GL with alloy wheels and just love it. One of my friends has a Jetta and we take me car everywhere. They are mostly identical but my car has more back seat room and much more trunk room. I can put more stuff in the hatch that most people realize. It is great. Also they only sell like 1200 Golfs in America a month so it is much less common. I get people asking me about my car all the time or telling me they like it. As far as production, Golfs and some GTI's are made now in Brazil at a brand new factory, NB's and Jettas are made in Mexico and Passats in Germany.
  • I recently ordered 2001 GTI and have some answers to the questions asked in this list. All 2001 Golfs and GTI's that come to the US or Canada are made in Brazil. My salesman told me that this was a good thing because the assembly line doesn't need to be reconfigured for other countries, so the product quality 'should' be more consistent. I ordered my GTI on October 28, and the one I ordered does have the Air Curtains in the doors. This added $150 to the price that I had gotten from Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book. Well, it has been over two months since I ordered my car and I really hope I get it soon. Happy Driving everyone.
  • Alfollin- I purchased the golf mainly because I prefer hatchbacks over sedans. Maybe some day I'll grow out of this phase, but for now I like hatchbacks. I can carry more luggage in the back of my car than in my girlfriends Toyota.
  • I would love to buy a GOLF GL diesel but local dealers keep giving
    me the run-around--"We can't get them, buy a GLS instead"
    "VW doesn't really have GL's available"

    Meanwhile, VW of America says the dealers are wrong!

    What was your secret for getting a GL Diesel (I can do wihtout
    a Monsoon sound system!

    Thanks for any tips
  • Check your research - the GL is a 2-door, the GLS a 4-door. There are several other differences- the GL is pretty base. Monsoon is an option on the GLS.
  • toddnitoddni Posts: 1
    in final negotiations for a new 2000 Golf GLS 5 spd 1.8 with Lux Package, Monsoon, heated seats....This is the first new car I've bought and I'm not a great negotiator..The TMV with taxes and reg, out the door is about $21,087. If I'm prepared to leave about 50% down and given that it's a 2000, what should be my offer for this car? Thanks for the help...
  • You can easily find out what you should be paying from this website, or one of several others. It's worth your money to do your research before you get into "final negotions." Any answer you get on a message board is worthless, because your profile does not tell what state you live in. How would anybody know what the "taxes and reg" are worth in your state? Do yourself a favor and take the time to do your homework. It might be worth walking out on your deal just to give yourself time to learn what you are doing. Besides, walking out on a car salesman is often quite illuminating.
  • carladycarlady Posts: 35
    If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out our Buyer's Advice. You'll get some great info on how to buy a car!

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  • mlinkmlink Posts: 7
    Golf GL TDI's do exist, I found a few when I was looking for a GLS, be patient and call around. I phoned all the dealers in a 200 mile radius and found a lot.

    2001 Golfs are made in either Germany or Brazil, Mexico does not produce Golfs for the US market. As for the Brazil plant being brand new I've read that it has been around for a lot longer than I've been.
  • I have a 2000 Golf GL 2.0L, and love it. I thought pretty hard about a TDI, and given the choice today, would have tried to get one. They are far quicker than the 2.0L, with 149 lb.-ft of torque starting at 1,900 RPM! And they can really be tuned for power that will "smoke" a 1.8T or VR6. And they get about 50 mpg all this time, too.

    My 2000 Golf is from Germany. I wanted to avoid a 2001 because I heard they were coming from Brasil. But then I saw some 2001s from Wolfsburg last Fall at my dealership. There's probably no difference in quality, but it just sounds better for a VW to have been built in Germany.

    All Jetta and New Beetles come from Mexico, and quality is good from there, too. A4 Golfs have never been produced at Puebla, as far as I know.

    I like the Golf's styling much better than the Jetta's It looks more European. Some people think hatch backs a downmarket. Just go to Europe and see all the hatch backs. Many are sporty and many are very nice, not the bottom-feeder types (except the Golf) that are on the US market. The Golf is also a heck of a lot more practical. My dog likes to ride in the hatch! I just take out the hatch shelf, and lift him in (no claws on the paint), and shut the hatch. He loves it, and doesn't shed all over, either.

    Good luck!
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    VWGolfer, How is the 2L engine in terms of power? I drove one and found it that it seemed to be more powerful than the stupidly named "Zetec" engine in the Focus. I also thought the steering was excellent, but cornering involved too much body lean. Still nice car. I disagree about the TDI being quicker. VW's own web site rates the TDI about a second or so slower to 100km/h than the 2L.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Does anyone else have the problem on Golf/GTIs where whenever you go over a bump, and you get body flex, that the doors squeek? This is caused by the top of the door rubbing up against the rubber weather striping. To ease this noise a bit, I put silicon spary on the rubber, but it doesn't help too much. VW has tried adjusting the door latch thingy so it will ease the squeeks, but it has done nothing. I think VW should come up with a solution for this problem.

    - Anthony
  • cbocbo Posts: 1
    Any good dealers around here? I am seriously considering an auto Golf 1.8T with Lux Pkg. what's a good out the door price?
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