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Chevy Venture



  • We are in the haggling stage with the dealer. he gave us a price of the WB to $26,800. It has few options on the power door, extra intergrated child seat and the trailering provisions. We also got an interest rate of 7.5 for 48 months. How does this sound? This includes $1,500.00 worth of rebate incentives.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    How does the price compare to the dealer's invoice? What do you mean by "This includes $1,500.00 worth of rebate incentives." is the price $26,800, or $28,300? It is my understanding that the $1,500 is a General Motors incentive. So, you should compare the price the dealer is offering you, WITHOUT INCENTIVES, to the dealer's invoice; the closer you come to the dealer's invoice price, OR BELOW, the better the deal. You should not let the salesman/dealer confuse you by including the incentive in the price negotiation; it should be part of how you pay that negotiated price. That is; you arrive at a negotiated price less a trade-in, if you have one (the BOTTOM line), then you pay that price with a deposit/down payment, the manufacturer's rebate, and your financing. Also, don't let the dealer add a processing or documentation fee separately from the negotiated price, unless it's for an additional service such as title work with the motor vehicle department. You can accept such a documentation or processing fee if they take it out of the negotiated price; in some states, I believe that may, in addition to your trade-in, further lower the sales tax you might have to pay.
  • bap20bap20 Posts: 1
    Am interested in purchasing either a 2000 venture LS regular or 2000 venture LS extended. Wanted to know if the rear air conditioning option is necessary for people sitting in the middle or rear seats.
  • How good is the 3.4 liter and can it do better than 200k overall, are there any problems you've heard of for the 1999 or 2000 improvements and what kind of mileage can i really expect per gal.
    I'm using the van for 9hrs. a day and many start ups. Mike
  • wis9wis9 Posts: 3
    We own a 1998 Chevy Venture LS and it has been a great van for our family traveling. We haul all of our stuff in it and hook up our boat and we're off the northern Minnesota at least 6 times a year. The van has 39253 miles to date,[I took it to work today]with no signs of engine problems, the only problem with this van at all was the power sliding door but that was fixed some 32000 miles ago and has not returned. The van probably would make it if you just take care of the engine. Change oil every 3000 miles. The 3400 has 100000 mile spark plugs, 150000 mile coolant and 100000 mile transmission fluid [I think]!
    You shouldn't run into much rouitne matinance till you hit the 100000 mile mark, but I think it could do it.
  • wis9wis9 Posts: 3
    The rear air conditioner is a great option to get and your family members will benefit from it greatly.
    Good Luck!!
  • Does anyone have a Venture van with more than 100k or 150k and still happy with it, any problems along the way, or still powerful to drive more.What kind of actual mpg can you get on the highway.

  • In the Pros and Cons on the Chevy Venture Warner Bros. Edition, they stated one of the Cons was flimsy modular seating. Does any one that has this vehicle feel the seating is flimsy??
  • 6kids6kids Posts: 2
    I plan to purchase a 2000 Venture Extended Plus in the next few weeks. A local Chevy dealer is listing one (Extended LS) for $28,220, with a Msrp of $25,500. The destination charge is $605 and add ons include Front and rear AC ($475), Power door ($450), 8 passenger seating ($290) power driver seat ($270), luggage rack ($225), Radio ($200) and rear seat audio controls ($155). They are also offering a $1500 rebate, so I assume the total price of the car is $26,720. Reading the various web sites (including Edmunds), the dealer invoice is $22,217, F&R AC ($408), Power door ($430), 8 seats ($280), Power seat (couldn't find a price, so $270), luggage rack ($194), the radio (couldn't find a price, so $200) and rear seat audio controls (couldn't find a price,so $155) with the $605 destination charge makes $23,759. Minus the $1500 rebate makes $22,259. Given that $22,259 is the cost and $26,720 is the asking price (difference of $4460), what is a reasonable price I should be able to obtain the car for? Any suggestions on how to obtain the lowest price would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 6kids6kids Posts: 2
    Sorry, adding error on post #237. Final cost should be $23,259 (difference of $3460) from the listed price of $26,720.
  • This is not the minivan to buy. it did the worst in the offset crash test by the IIHS than any other van. you can buy it unless you want the dash and steering wheel over your head. don't believe me? go to and see for yourself.
  • Me & the Mrs. have a 98 Venture and, after 30k, we are pretty happy. The engine continues to be strong and no problems to report. The power door failed to close once, but the reset procedure was easy. The only complaint we have is an electrical gremlin that showed up in the rear radio controls.
    Since we never use the rear radio, it hasn't been a problem.
  • cubsfan posted on 16 Nov. an ongoing problem with the suspension on his '99 Venture. I have about 5000 miles on mine and have the touring suspension. I am starting to encounter major problems. For no reason the rear suspension just seems to go out. My family and will bounce down the highway for miles until it corrects itself. Now it has a new trick. It seems as if the shocks are locking in the fully extended position and the van sounds like it is bottoming out on even the smallest bump. I am taking it to the dealer in the next day or so. Anyone had similar problems? What was it and how was it resolved. Thanks fo any help.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    Sounds like the load leveling feature not working correctly.
  • baja5baja5 Posts: 4
    We're having the same problem--shaking, bouncing, and sounding as if the rear end is falling out on the ground. Problem is, it's intermittent, so our two trips back to the dealer havn't helped--they say they can't reproduce the problem (by driving it about 10 miles) so they don't know what's wrong.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48

    Can you tell me how you reset the power door?

    We've had problems closing our door a few times in cold weather. BTW, we have a 1997 Venture extended with 31k miles and few problems. A window that rattles that they fixed and we're taking it in to have them look at squeaky back wheels before the warranty runs out. Probably the brakes. Otherwise it has been a good, reliable car.


  • The owners manual tells the story...Basically it entails disconnecting the battery,and counting to 10....Then putting it back.

    We did it once...And it worked.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    I'm browsing to fall asleep again, so I really can't take the time to re-check it for you without stimulating myself wide awake. Removal of stains was discussed in one of the Repair & Maintenance topics, in one of the archived groups of "What's the Best Polish and Wax." (That topic is so popular that it recurringly reaches the 500 or so messages that forces Edmunds to freeze a topic and start a new one, so there are probably four or five sets of linked older groups.) Playing around with the Search feature may get you the info you need in the quickest way possible. Also, since I have not looked through all the Repair and Maintenance topics, there might be one listed.
  • Just purchased a '99 Venture LS (prior to crash test info coming out and to maintain marital harmony!). Has anyone had problems with the doors leaking? With the winter weather setting in everytime it has rained or snowed (then melts) the front doors leak and soak the floor boards. Last time it sound like milk jug draining through the passenger side door! Yes, the doors and windows are closed. At about 450 miles on it and am really bummed.
  • do you have a roof rack on your van? if so check to see if the bolts are tight.I had a leak in the back seat and it was due to loose roofrack bolts.
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