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Chevrolet Cavalier



  • and on my 99 it was a timing belt
  • bubba38bubba38 Posts: 21
    does anyone know about the special tool required
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    It has a chain, tool needed to keep cams in time. The pump is driven by the timing chain, so valve timing needs to preserved or bent valves.
    Have it done by some one that has done the job before. It is not a cheap job, the front engine cover needs to come off.
  • I am a Camaro person I have two Z-28’s however, I just acquired a 1989 Cavalier the window channels are in bad shape. Is there anyone that still sales replacement window seals for this car?
  • How do the Caviler and Pontiac Sunfires fair reliability wise? Are there a lot problems with these cars? Is the Caviler or Sunfire any more reliable than a Pontiac Grand Am. It seems like with many of these older GM cars from the 90's and to around 2005 from the reviews I have seen they are not reliable. The cars that were reliable were mostly GM's Midsized and Larger cars. Like all Buick's were reliable, The Grand Prix, Pontiac Bonneville, Chevy Impala, Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevy Lumina, etc. I got the impression with the Caviler it would not be a good car to be in an accident. The bumper looks like it would fall off in a Head on collision. I would get Ford Escort cause its more reliable but I get same feeling as a Caviler. Not a very well built car that is made of plastic and I wouldn't feel very safe in an accident.
  • makigrl,

    I have a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire convertible with a 2.4L engine, 5-speed manual, and 130,000 miles (OK, 129,990. It'll hit 130,000 tomorrow). In my 12 years of ownership (OK, Oct 4th it'll be 12 years) I've had to replace the power window on the drivers side. That was partly my fault for closing the door with the window halfway down. The AC required a major fix and I've had some oil leaks and a few other problems. The most costly was a new top. I'm still on the original clutch (although it's starting to slip and the car has recently developed a hesitation). Does that make the car more or less reliable than the norm? I don't know, but my neighbors have gone through their Japanese cars faster than I've gone through mine.
    Would I buy a used Sunfire/Cav to replace my car? No. Used G5s and Cobalts should be better. But what it comes down to is the old American small cars can hold their own with the imports.
    As far as safety goes, the larger the car, the safer you should be. That's physics, not nationality.
    Good Luck.
  • I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier that the Gauges went out on I can't tell how much gas I have, what speed I am going or the milage if anyone know what i need to do to fix the problem I would appreciate the help Thanks.
  • hash1hash1 Posts: 3
    sounds like wrong thermistat, go back to dex-cool
  • Hello, I have the same problem. Did you find out why you were not getting any fluid or pressure out of the rear lines at the master cylinder?
  • did you ever find out the problem
  • I know exactly what your problem is. The ground wire for the low beams is either corroding...or completely corroded off. Take off the passenger side head light assembly. Follow the wiring harness down from the head light bulb till it meets with the main wiring harness. Keep following the harness in the direct towards the drivers side. Can't remember if the main head light bulb wires are the last to join the main harness or if there is one more in between but at the last joint measure 17 cm towards the drivers side. Mark that point. With a sharp exacto knife cut into the wiring harness very carefully. As you are doing this, don't be surprised when you see green powder coming out. If you do..then that is definitely where your problem lies. There is a splice in the wiring harness at that point. It corrodes and eventually the wire breaks. Solder in a new piece and re-rap with good electrical tape. All will be well again. How do I know this....It's a very common problem. I have had to fix mine twice. Its easy to do...less than an hours work. Good luck
  • rlp50rlp50 Posts: 13
    2000 Chev Venture - Dash lights and daytime running lights stopped working but every now and then they will come on for a short while. Any thoughts?
  • jbleekjbleek Posts: 2
    All 2003 and 2004 cavaliers' original hubcaps had a fit problem taht made them squeak incessantly. You need to just replace them, GM has a "fix" that doesnt fix the problem. It was a recall item a few years back, that was basically a rubber spacer that goes behind the hubcaps.
    I'm sure that is your problem, chekc it out by jabbing/shaking the hubcaps in/out with your hand and find the source of the sound.
  • caynacayna Posts: 1
    My brother gave me an 85 chevy cavalier wagon and I'm getting it fixed to be road safe. It has 4 new tires he put on it but they a very small 155/13 I believe or something like that, hey what do I know! My question is, are these tires ok to keep on the car or should I buy the right size and what size would that be? I know this is a lame question, but I truly don't have a clue. Thanks!
  • mika8712mika8712 Posts: 1
    I had my cat replaced in my 2005 cavalier about 6 monthes ago. It recently started throwing a P0420 code, only when it rains. I've checked the O2 sensors and all other related items. Everything is working fine and my mileage is great. I'm thinking the CAT is defective but if that is the case it would trip the CEL regardless of the weather conditions. I've seen there could be a TSB regarding reflashing the PCM to change the parameters of the tests. Any help?
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase parts for an '89 Z24? Specifically I am in search of a used door that still has the glass run channel in tact. I am located in GA but can travel or call to order this specific part.

    Desperate to have my driver's window roll down without coming off track.

  • my book on the 1989 cavalier says terminal =A on the ignition module is for the tech my book also says it is a white wire
  • got google and put in used door for Cavalier Z24 '89 and see what happen you will be supprized also try images and then web
  • Did you ever complain about the paint?.If so, what did they tell you? I have a 2003 and the paint is completely wasted now. It started just after the 3 third year.
  • i have a 1997 cavalier with a 2.2 in it. It has a rod knock so I am swapping engines but I want to know what 2.2's from other cars and what years will fit in it???? I'm trying to avoid more cavalier engines because everyone says they have a lot of problems with them.
  • jim345jim345 Posts: 1
    hi, i have a 1989 cavalier z24, 2.8l FI multi port. a few months ago it started to start hard, and would want to die after warming up. it finally stopped starting, it sat for a while and one day i went to try to start it and it fired. it would idle fine, but as soon as i touched the gas, it would want to kill right away. i replaced the fuel pump and filter. i ran ok for about 5 miles after replacing, then the symptoms returned. since then i have replaced the ignition control module,and all the coil packs. it ran good, so i drove it from my shop to my house(8 miles) and around town for a while. it sat over night, and i went to start this mornin, and it started hard, and idles a little rough, and cant rev without killing, but will idle. I was thinking that the icm, and coil packs could have gone bad again, but dont know if it could happen over night.

    I am stumped, any help? thanks!!
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    With age, the black exterior door handles on my 2005 Cavalier have a dull, mottled, half-grey, half-black look.

    Can anyone suggest how I might brighten up the looks of these?
  • Try "Back to Black". It use to be called Black Chrome.
  • Can anyone please tell me what would cause my 1999 cheverolet cavalier to start missing and jumping severely when it reaches 45-50 mph? It runs GREAT untill you reach that speed then all heck breaks loose. if you mash down hard on the gas it will smooth out untill you reach the acceleration point or let off the gas and then it starts doing it again. But if you get back down under 50 it runs great!
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    In checking on "Back to Black" I came up with this supposedly superior product

    However, they have no dealer in Indiana where I live. I may order some via Amazon

    Thanks for your tip slackerman
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    Yesterday the speedometer on my 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier (with less than 20,000 miles) started reading much higher than my actual speed. The odometer and other gages continued to read normally.

    All day the readings got higher and eventually went over 110 mph even when setting still.

    Now it fluctuates between 75 mph and over 110 mph, mostly reading over 110 mph.

    What is most likely to be the problem ?
  • asidrowasidrow Posts: 1
    I;m looking for the right front turn signal assembly plus the right fender to the above car. Anyone know where I can pick these up, please let me know. asidrow. Color is silver 4/7/2010. I;m trying to help a 21 year old w/child who;s barely making it
  • ryakisryakis Posts: 2
    well just try to go to an after market place all you do go in wait in line tell them the two parts (which are very popular) and then you pay thats all installing you have to get that your self i changed my both fender and signal light i just paid some to do it hope this help. this is a cheap way if you dont want original if you do it will be a lot more. for after market 60 buck about bye
  • ryakisryakis Posts: 2
    well i have i 2000 chevy cavalier. its a great car on fuel economy and power but now i want to see whats its made of. Going to be doing a lot of modifications. ill let you know my progress. so far Ive done intake runs better and maintenance a lot every day. thats all catch you guys later.
  • apcavapcav Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me what size socket it takes to remove the spindle nut off the cv halfshaft on a 97 cavalier with 4 speed automatic transmission and 2.4 engine?
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