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Volvo S70



  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    theresa11. thanks for the insight on the wind deflector... am planning to add one now..

    Just got home from work where someone rear ended me in my NEW VOLVO!!... hit us (was with my wife) pretty hard while we were sitting still .. not sure if anyone realizes it but those big comfy seats... felt like they just wrapped around us..VERY protective and secure.. I got out expecting to find the entire back end crumpled.. to my surprise...just the bumper cover was body damage at all!!! .. if I was in my other car.. a new Honda Civic.. I'm sure i'd be looking at substantial damage and some sore backs and necks.. a Volvo fan for life (just agreed to get a used one for my daughter .. I definitely want her in this car!)
  • ca1110ca1110 Posts: 3
    We are shopping for 2000 S70 SE. It's a very solid and comfortable car. Plus, it's safe! We are checking out the best deals.
    The car has everything except a moonroof. We are fine with it. The dealer showed us the invoice price at 28,780. We'll need to pay something more than this price (anywhere from $100-500).
    We like to know what kind of the price other people have paid for S70 SE. Thanks for your help!
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    I paid less for mine...2000 S70 SE... was about 27,500 ..but they come with least mine did.

    and read my post above yours....unfortunate accident but i can attest.. think its the safest car i've ever owned.. and i owned mostly BMW's.

    good luck!
  • I'm looking at buying a 1998 s70 T5 from a friend. What are the watchouts? Will he still be my friend in 6 months? I've driven it a number of times and it is rock solid. The turbo is powerful and the interior challenged my perceptions of Volvo. Can anyone comment. Thanks much.

  • How many miles are on it? If less than 50K then obviously factory warranty will still cover anything on it. If not, take it to a Volvo retailer and have them check it over for you. It's worth it. From a technician standpoint it is a solid car, but just has it's minor problems, door panels on 98's, headlight bulbs, turn signals flashing fast, door lock motors, and evap valves. On the turbo, always be aware of oil leaks. It's common for them to leak at the turbo inlet hose, and the oil return line. Both of these are easy to repair. Nice car, sure wish I owned one.

  • Scott:

    Good morning. Thx for the response. The car is coming off a 3 yr lease with 35k miles. I did think that at least for the next 15k miles I would be covered. This guy lives next door and his garage is immaculate. No visible oil stains.
    The turn in number is $23k. That seems like a good whsle price. Let me know what you think.
    Thx again.

  • lurker4lurker4 Posts: 19
    Hi folks. I'm looking at buying a 1998 S70 GTAS(?)(I've never heard of this model--haven't seen the car yet), auto, loaded, cold weather package, moonroof, CD, leather, headlight washers, trip computer, etc. Owner believes it is the 190hp 5-cyl. (if true that would mean the LPT).

    Car has only 18,000 mi. Has had one window switch replaced. Asking price $24,900. 3 questions: Ever heard of this model/trim designation? How does the price sound? Any known issues to look out for?

    Owner purchased a 4 yr/50k mi. extended warranty. Do you think it's transferable? (Oops--4 questions) Thanks for any input.
  • ca1110ca1110 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your info. It seems that you bought it at a much better price. There are a few things I forgot to specify:

    1. We are in California. I don't which state you are in. Did your dealer charge a $400 advertising fee?

    2. The car we are looking at has Auto and metallic paint. Do you have the same feature?

    Per Edmund's data: SE's invoice price is $26,485, plus $1,000 for auto transmission and $320 for Metallic paint, it comes to 27,805.
    CA dealer charges us $400 advertising fee, with destination fee $575, the total comes to $28,880.

    Does this deal look fine to anyone? Thanks!
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    mine is black so guess thats not metallic ...SE comes with everything...has cold weather package, auto, leather,moonroof touring package though..bought it in NJ.. and excludes tax...
  • Just bought a S70 SE. 26,485 is the base, 575 is dest, 1000 for optional automatic, 960 invoice/1200 msrp for optional sunroof, 320 invoice/400 msrp for optional metallic paint. The only items that come w/the base S70 SE is the leather/woodgrain/premium stereo cd. Everything else is optional. What I found out through research was that your price is definitely dictated by where you live and how busy (volume) the dealership is. The more cars they sell, the better the price. I live in the southeast and searched over a dozen dealerships for the best deal (which does not always mean the lowest price!)and know that I got the best deal possible in my region. I was able to get a price below cost and they added free of charge a number of options because they could not reduce the price any further. SE automatic models are becoming more difficult to find - at least in my part of the country. Check some other Volvo dealerships and see how many SE's they have on their lot. That might help you determine if they will deal. Good luck.
  • ca1110ca1110 Posts: 3
    finally, we bought the new S70 SE today at $28,780. It includes everything except cold weather pkg and sunroof. This is the best price out of 3 dealers.
    You are right about the business volume and the area we live in. We live in San Fransico Bay Area. The dealers are selling S70 very quickly here. we need another car very soon. I had an accident 3 weeks ago. My Infiniti I30 is a total loss. We just moved here from NJ 1 month ago. Anyway, I think this deal is not too bad. Thank you all!
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    ...geez, dpares! I'm glad you and your wife are ok. What happened? Did the other driver at least stop, or drive off? How'd their car fare? Any estimates on your car for hidden damage or anything?

    I'm just full of questions, aren't I? It's like this: we knew that a big intangible "feature" that we got with our Volvo is the safety...but it's not like you can test the safety features on the test drive. So I'm always curious.
  • lsap72lsap72 Posts: 2
    I had recently purchased a 2000 S70 and it has already been in the service department 4 times for the same exact problem. Within the past 4 1/2 months that I have had the car, my turn signals have failed to work. I was told by the service dept that this is a common problem among Volvo cars. What I don't understand is why Volvo cannot manufacture a car where the blinkers work and continue to work instead of failing every week or month. They are aware of the problem so why not rectify it once and for all?

    If I had to do it again, I would not have bought the Volvo. For a car that is work over $30,000, I should not have to experience the stress that I had so soon after purchasing the car. Has anyone else experienced this problem like I have? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!
  • I'm looking to purchase a 1998 S70, automatic, sedan, cold weather pkg, leather. Anything "flookie" I should know? Do the breaks squeal? How loud is the drive? I have never owned a Volvo, but have heard great things about them. I just don't want my first experience to be with a bad year/model. Thanks!
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    From what I've been reading, and what I've read elsewhere, the 1998 models were pretty problematic, especially with the lighting system. I'd look at either a '99 or perhaps a '97 850, or maybe even a new 40 series.
  • I found a 1998 S70 GLT with 25000 miles. Its leather, with weather package, moonroof, split seats, etc. Best I can tell, its got every extra available. Its list price was $36,000 and the dealer is asking $24,000. From my research this seems like a good price. What do you think?

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #79:

    From my experience, the '98 S70s were quite reliable overall. The only widespread issue I know of was the cheap turn signal sockets that are replaced as the result of a TSB. If you don't get the new sockets then your bulbs will continue to fail. I had the fix done and didn't have any additional failures for the subsequent 20,000+ miles (I only had the car for about 32,000 miles before I sold it since I bought a S80 T6).


  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #79:

    From my experience, the '98 S70s were quite reliable overall. The only widespread issue I know of was the cheap turn signal sockets that are replaced as the result of a TSB. If you don't get the new sockets then your bulbs will continue to fail. I had the fix done and didn't have any additional failures for the subsequent 20,000+ miles (I only had the car for about 32,000 miles before I sold it since I bought a S80 T6).


  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    ca1110 -- Congratulations on your new purchase. I too just recently bought a 2000 S70 SE. I also live in the SF Bay Area (bought the car from Smythe Volvo in San Jose). I paid $99 over invoice, and their invoice price included a $300 advertising fee that I was told was charged by the manufacturer. My research indicated that there is an advertising fee built into the base price for a model, so I wasn't sure if I was getting a line or what. Even if the charge was bogus, all of the other charges were legit, so I took the plunge and bought it.

    I have just over 800 miles on my baby at this point. Only problem -- I have a very annoying rattle in the back. Still haven't located it (but then again haven't spent much time trying to find it either).

    Anyway, I love the car so far.

    For dpares, my sunroof is very noisy as well. Tell us what you find out about that windshield thing so that it is no longer like a hurricane tunnel!

    Also, I too (like sunliner) am very interested in the details of your little car accident. Glad to hear there was not much damage and that those great big seats did their job!

    To lurker4 re: post #71. If you didn't already find out - I think the GT means turbo; the "A" means automatic and the "S" means sunroof. When I bought my car, they called it a S70 SE ASR -- meaning S70 special edition; automatic; sunroof (SR). Hope that helps.

    Finally, someone posted about the stick vs. automatic. I have been an avid stick driver. My last car was a 5 spd. But with all of the traffic I drive in, I thought it was time for an automatic. I like it very much. The only problem I have is that sometimes it is difficult to get on the freeway, I have to floor it to get it up to speed -- and some of our northern California on-ramps are very short. You just don't have a lot of distance for acceleration. But once you are up to speed, I think it's great.

  • I currently drive a 99 S70 GLT with approx. 20 km.
    I love the car and haven't experienced any major problems, besides the annoying frequency of bulb replacements. I am relieved to hear that other owners are experiencing rattles and shakes with their vehicles. However, I've begun to notice major creaking noises. Can anyone tell me what is the cause of this? I've babied my car from day one and can't think of any reason why these noises exist. I've been to my service advisor so many times and I think they may think I am imagining these noises. Anyway, any feedback would be helpful.


    turbo_rush :)
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    Thanks for the concern regarding the accident.. Thank god everyone was fine .. other persons car that hit us (twice i might add.. she stepped on the accelerator instead of the breaks after the first hit) was prety messed up..she could drive it but her bumper was a mess...grill was a mess..etc..

    Took our car to the body shop for an estimate yesterday.. seems the bill is about $1500 so far but I expect it to be more.. we got hit so hard that the peices of the front grill fell out due to the impact.. i didnt notice it at the time but they need replacing also.. the estimator said the trunk lid was out of line but not dented!..(not bad for such a jolt).. body seems fine but he says they'll check for alignment of the body to make sure, I also hear a noise under the car under hard acceleration.. suspect its the exhaust system..something is out of line or lose

    .. I'm just astounded that the car held up as well as it did and how cushioned we were by the seats..

    You dont realize it when you buy the hear all the hype about safety but figure that any big car is just as safe..( maybe they are).. but when you come through something such as this with no real aches or anything broken, and the car holds up as it did ... it kinda makes you forget about the rattles and burned out bulbs etc ..etc... etc (of which mine has none of those...even after the accident).. Overall.. a GREAT CAR! ..

    Thanks for the concern
  • gizmo98gizmo98 Posts: 1
    when the moonroof is opened the front piece of
    plastic which rises about an inch above the roof
    has a tendency to rattle (especially when going over a bumpy road) other times it is fine. I know
    it's the plastic because when I touch it while
    rattling, it stops. This only happens at speeds
    over 20 mph. Does this sound familiar to
    anyone ?
  • I have a 1998 S70 that has had continuing problems with the headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights. Volvo has said that they have no solution. The only solution I have is to get rid of the car and never buy a Volvo again. The really sad thing is that aside from the problems with the lights it has been the most comfortable car I have ever owned.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #87:

    trippntn, could you be more specific about the issues with respect to periodicity? For example, do the turn signal blow more frequently than other bulbs (if so then your dealer probably hasn't replaced the sockets per the Technical Service Bulletin).

    If your headlights are lasting over a year or so and you use DRLs then you MAY not have a problem here either.

    Have you tried another dealership?


  • pja0pja0 Posts: 1
    We are considering purchasing a Volvo S70 2000 or 2001. I am interested in further comments from current owners. It seems the only real problem has been with the bulb sockets for parking/running lights and turn signals, which is supposed to be readily remedied by a technical service bulletin which requires replacement of the inferior sockets. Any comments, pro or con on this vehicle will be greatly appreciated!
  • Re: S70 2000

    The S70 series will not be here in 2001. It will be replaced with the S60. They're are great deals on the remaining 2000 S70's. The light bulb issue was mainly in 1998 S70's and has mostly been resolved. I bought the 2000 S70 GLT-SE about 2 months ago so it's too early for me to give you a realistic long term opinion. I bought the car because the engine has been around for a long time and the Volvo Turbo's (made by Mitsubishi) are virtually problem free. Another good source for Volvo info is: (volvo's are commonly referred to as bricks, due to there distinctive body)

    And for Volvo Owners, try : (alot of pictures on how to fix/repair stuff yourself)

    Good luck!

  • I bought a 2000 S70 last December and still love this car! No problems with lights, squeaks, etc. The only problem I have had is the woodgrain console cracked due to what I don't know (perhaps the heat) but the dealer has ordered it and it will be replaced free of charge. I was used to driving a 5 speed but chose the automatic transmission due to driving in heavy traffic and don't regret it at all. It is both fun to drive and the most comfortable car I've ever owned. My car is white, sunroof, leather interior, CD player, cruising package and I purchased it for 28,500 last December. Hope this info helps with your decision making process. I have found this message board to be very helpful.
  • bryang4bryang4 Posts: 1
    Turbo rush,

    I believe the squeaking comes from the plastic rocker panel covers. A good quality silicone lubricant sprayed in the space between the edge of the top of that cover and the body will run down inside and stop the noise. Open the doors, and you will find this space just below where the weatherstrip fits on the body. I do this on my '98 S70 every six months and it seems to do the trick.
  • I have a '00 S70 SE w/the SC-816 stereo system. I have noticed that the AM/FM reception is not very clear. I have also noticed that even when I turn the volume up all the way, it still is not very loud. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks for your input.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #94:

    The S70 has about 1,400+ refinements over the 850 according to Volvo. The ride quality is definitely better. The light issue was associated with bad turn signal sockets. The fix is very quick and was done for most cars that experienced this issue at dealerships. I've owned T5 version of both and can tell you that the S70 T5 does reflect additional refinement efforts on the part of Volvo and the interior and exterior freshening is well done to boot. There's nothing wrong with the '97 850 - it's just a bit older in design.

    Good luck.

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