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Audi A6



  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I'd get the quattro. I know that quattro also used to give you the independent rear suspension which is both smoother riding and better handling than the solid axle. I know that with the '02 redesign, all A4's went to IRS, but I don't think the FWD '02 A6 has it. Add this to the AWD's superior traction, and IMO, handling, and it's a no-brainer. Deanna, I sure hope this means that AoA and/or the dealer is going to do the right thing by you.
  • hintzhintz FloridaPosts: 56
    What is everyone leasing the A6 for? with premium package and convenience package for 39mo. Was quoted $399.00 per month plus tax. Anyone better deals out there? I also found the CVT engine to be hesitate at times? Thanks!
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 14
    The reason for the lease deals is the near 0% money factor being used to calculate the lease. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's pretty much like 0% financing. If you look at that deal vs. leasing most other cars with 4% - 5% money factors you can get an A6 3.0 for about the same or lower cost of an A4,G35, IS300 etc.. HURRY UP, this is Audi, not dealer sponsored and ends this weekend unless Audi extends it. I just traded my 2001 Audi TT quattro for a beautiful A6 3.0 in Alpaca Beige with Prem pkg, Luxury pkg and convienence pkg for about $38250. Check out pricing on Edmunds and CarsDirect, dealers are dealing on them + the 0%
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334

    Have you ever brought the 4.2 up to limiter speed, probably about 125 mph? The fastest I have experienced w/2.7T is 107 mph w/ lots left!

    Do you believe the limiter is just a "stop" on the pedal wire or is it more sophisticated than that?
  • I have had my A6 above 110 and it felt fine. I have not hit a limiter in any Audi I have ever had -- I think the fastest I ever drove an Audi was a 1987 5000 CS turbo quattro, to an indicated 120 or so.

    I have driven every one of them to at least triple digits -- the problem is I will not do so in anything other than very light traffic, for obvious reasons. Here in Cincinnapolis, it is, sorry to say, pretty hard to feel responsible and safe at speeds above 80 anymore (traffic is thick, that is). So many cars, going way too fast for their capabilities. I am 51 and hope I am only half way done, if you get my drift.

    When I am going 80+ and am passed, regularly, by the modern day equivalent of a Pinto, I get scared -- and I'm fearless. And it is strange, this car is almost always driven by a twelve year old wearing a ballcap that is on his head backwards.

    Somebody save me.

    P.S. the only thing that really bothers me anymore is "passing on the right." I think jail time is the appropriate punishment for such behavior. Yet goin 70 in a 55 will get you in a heck of a lot more trouble with the police.

    After driving in Germany and reading the book, "American Autobahn" I am firmly convinced that the single most dangerous (sober) driving "technique" is passing on the right. I can think of NO excuse for this behavior. But, the left lane bandit is a problem -- don't you think?
  • noshonosho Posts: 119
    is part of Engine Control Module computer that monitors speed, RPM, timing and such. The fuel injectors are turned off to limit the speed. Only way around it is to "chip" the engine, which is a modification to the engine control program.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,998
    while driving my '98 A4 Avant after I passed him when he braked in a curve I had no need to slow for(?)

    He then flew by me and I decided to let him play cop-bait and hang back while he cleared the path.
    I was concentrating so hard that when I looked at the speedo minutes later I was indicating 102. It felt little different from 80--Audi makes truly great high-speed machinery. I backed off a little but I would've had a great excuse--"Officer, I mistook the route marker for the speed limit"(it was Rte 101).

    I agree with you Mark about the junk that travels @ high-speeds on our roads. It is truly scary when you are for example, passed on the right by a semi doing 85. There are quite a few posters in here that think it's cool to do triple digits driving minvans, small pickups and the like (see "How fast would you drive if the interestates were deregulated?")

    You're right as well about passing on the right (strictly verboten on the Autobahn) but given the number of LLCs there is often no alternative.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • I have rarely been passed on the right by a semi, thankfully. But sometimes when the traffic is flowing along at 80 and the passing is being done on the left, someone who wants to go faster will scoot up in the right lane and do some incredibly dumb and potentially dangerous things.

    The feeling of safety at high speed that you get in Germany on the autobahn is, I am certain, because of the simple practice of passing only on the left.

    Those of us who would like the interstate speed limits increased by say 10 - 20 MPH would only "vote" for such an increase if there would be a crackdown on passing on the right. Huge fines, not for speed, but for improper passing would pave the way for a rise in average speed -- and do so safely.

    Hmm, maybe a night in jail for second offense passing on the right -- then we could really crank up the speed on our American Autobahns.

    Right now, though -- I feel absolutely unsafe at any speed (with apologies to Ralph Nader) in heavy freeway traffic because you never know "which lane the lunatics are going to be in and pass on." And, no state highway patrol person seems keen on ticketing for passing on the right.

    We need lane discipline -- big time.

    Now back to Audi discussions, already in progress.
  • Before we can enforce the law in regard to passing on the right. We need to put in penalties for Left Lane Bandits. Once people realize or forced to accept that its not ok to drive 20 mph in the left lane, then it will be logical to enforce the no passing on the right rule.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    If speed laws were repealed to "reasonable and prudent" like Montana had until a year or so ago, I would be driving 85-90mph in the Audi 2.7t (conditions permitting), and 75-80 mph in my Toy ota camry.

    Now I drive 55-60 mph in the left lane behind someone who couldn't even pass the driver's test again!
  • amarchanamarchan Posts: 23
    The factory head unit (2001 A6 2.7 with Bose system) occasionally "blinked" and would change tracks on a CD, so the dealer replaced the radio today. The first thing I noticed was that the word "Bose" did not come on when the radio was turned on, and the second is the sound quality is horrendous compared to the other unit. Way too much bass, and somewhat distorted sound. Unfortunately the Service Department was closed by the time I realized this, so I have to wait until Tuesday to take this up with them. My question is - are there different head units for the Bose system and the standard system? Physically they look the same, but there apparently is a definite difference in the way they reproduce music. Any ideas?
    I took the car in for service today for the brakes. There was a definite shimmy when the brakes were applied at over 70mph. They turned the front discs which were "scratched" and were slightly warped. The problem has diminished but is still present. How have other readers corrected this problem, or is this going to be a recurrent problem?
    Thanks for your input.
  • theremintheremin Posts: 26
    I'm still deciding between leasing a 2.7T or a Saab 9-5 Aero. One Audi dealer I've talked to is apparently willing to deal pretty heavily on a particular 2.7T on the lot with 17" cross-spoke wheels (even willing to swap them out for 17" chrome wheels from an A4)--the catch for me is the exterior color: crystal blue metallic. This color pretty much turns my stomach. I hardly ever see it on the road--does anyone out there have this color, or even like it? Does it look better in different light? Does it grow on you? What was Audi thinking? I suppose if I get some kind of insane deal I'd have to consider it and maybe chrome wheels (and a little window tinting?) would help it look a little more palatable, but really.....yecchh.
  • When I was shopping for my Avant, my dealer was pushing the Crystal Blue Avant pretty hard. It had all the equipments that I wanted, but the color made me feel uncomfortable, the final word, my wife rejected that color out right. 8)

    But since you will be the one that have to look at it everytime before you get into the car. How do YOU like it? I think that's more important.
  • Yes, there are 2 types that I know of. Bose and non-Bose. Most people like the non-Bose head unit more, including myself. I have the Bose head unit in my car because it came with it on the dealer's lot. I believe there's a way to adjust the equilizer settings for the head unit. But you will have to do a search on Good luck.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I think it's fine. Would I chose it? Probably not. If you like it, don't worry about someone else's preferences. If you don't, don't even think about it. You may, or may not, ever be satisfied with it.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I think the head unit for both the Bose and non-Bose is the same. I believe the Bose system has different amps and speakers. I do know that there is a softcode that the dealer must input to differentiate the Bose from non-Bose head unit. Once this is done, you will see the Bose designation when you start it up.

    If you have a pre-'02 2.7T or a 4.2, warped rotors are very common. Last time I had access to a TSB on the issue, it said to try turning the rotors first, if not successful, they will be replaced.
  • I have seen a couple on the road and never like it. I love the look of the silver (although it is common). You're going to have the car a while, so you should get a color you really like. If it turns your stomach now, it's unlikely to get better over time.
  • I did about the same process of elimination on my Crystal Blue - wanted something different. Have had (in reverse chrono order) Black, Silver, Black, tan (yech), silver, ...
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,964
    Mark -

    I happened to see an article in the Aug. 5 issue of AutoWeek (traditional, paper version - I think it is on-line also) where they drove an Allroad with a selection of modifications that sound like some you are considering. If you have not already seen it, you might be interested.

    Just f.y.i.

    - Ray
    Who is still hoping that someone will market a W8 cat back system . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I saw the article too -- it seems the Audiworld crowd gave it mixed reviews -- some are very pro Hoppen Motorsports and some are very pro APR -- the spirit of what I read over on Audiworld is that the article you refer to was "much ado about nothing."

    I liked it and still plan some modifications -- I am not totally up to speed on what I need to get the "biggest bang for the buck." A chip? Yes no brainer. 18" wheels and 245 45 x 18 tires? Yes, ditto. New exhaust? Maybe. Bypass valves? Again, maybe. "Y" pipe? Beats me.

    I have sent e-mails requesting information -- so far the biggie is the chip -- which I have had experience with -- in a 2000 1.8T that was in my wife's TT (+20% HP and +40% torque).

    I've not seen anyone here on edmunds who has chipped his/her 2.7T, but I understand it is pretty common on the S4 which, as you know, has (had) essentially the identical 2.7T under the hood.

    The "bypass valves" appear to reduce turbo lag greatly -- which I imagine would be a very good thing once the 2.7T has been "stage one" chipped.

    Anyway the chipping and valving etc would be under $1000 -- the exhaust is over $1600 and provides minimal power effect although it does provide some sound, a little HP and some cosmetic changes -- when coupled with a chip the effect is at least an addtional 10HP, but the chip, by itself, adds 58HP -- seems pretty pricey for a small gain especially since I will have at most a 36 month lease.

    The wheels and tires, too are over $1500 but the handling improvement is supposed to be quite noticable and positive.

    So, I solicit your advice -- chip alone, chip + "valves", chip + valves + exhaust?

    Wheels and tires seem like an easy decision. . .so that really is not a question.

    If you have any experience with your 2.7T, I would be all ears, as the saying goes.
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