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Mazda Millenia



  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    All that I can give you is a laundry list of potential causes for this problem, they may or may not fit for you, this is according to the '02 workshop manual.

    1. Improper A/C system operation.
    2. Air leakage from intake-air system parts.
    3. Improper operation of IAC valve.
    4. Erratic signal from CKP sensor.
    5. Vacuum leakage.
    6. Spark leakage from high-tension leads.
    7. PCV valve malfunction.
    8. Restriction in exhaust system.
    9. Improper fuel pressure.
    10. Fuel leakage from injector.
    11. Intermittent open or short of MAF sensor, TP sensor and VSS.
    12. ATX malfunction.
    13. Erratic signal from CMP sensor.
    14. Purge solenoid valve malfunction.
    15. EGR system malfunction.
    16. Low engine compression.
    17. Poor fuel quality.
    18. Air cleaner restriction.
    19. Improper valve timing due to jumping out of timing belt.
    20. Intermittent open/short in fuel pump circuit.
    21. Fuel pump mechanical malfunction.
    22. Clogged injector.

    I hope this list can give some help or at least something new to look at, or something new for your dealer to look at.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Check fuel filter and fuel pressure.
  • cusi1cusi1 Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I have a '99 Millenia S with 83,000 km and just recently the car has started acting up. When I am travelling at a constant speed, the RPM's will suddenly increase by 500-1000 then return to normal and sometimes the car will stay in too low of a gear for a few seconds too long. Secondly, the car will jerk after accelerating from a stop. These problems will happen a few times in a day, then I won't see it again for a few days.

    The CEL has never come on in my car and my Mazda mechanic doesn't know what it is either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • kherrmannkherrmann Posts: 10
    I've just tried the car when it's cold and indeed we are having the same problem. I also have the very subtle surge you mentioned. Any luck yet with yours? My Mazda dealer is stumped and indicates that since the car is out of warranty Mazda won't do much about it.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Our '95 S did this a while ago (transmission shifted to lower gear at constant highway speed). Mazda dealer really didn't know for certain what was causing it. They thought it was an engine vacuum problem. They wanted us to spend money for them to tear the engine apart and try to find the problem. We did not. After about a year it just went away and runs normal now. It seems to have cured itself.
  • Hey, my auto mechanic (local Exxon) told me he would not charge me after the first time of checking that infernal Check Engine Light! So, I paid the initial fee, and he has not charged me again for all the times he has checked it. Try finding someone who might do that.
  • After spending $563 to get the infernal engine light off at a dealer (yes, that is ridiculous, but I am sick of dealing with it!), a week later a storm blew throught NC and a branch blew from quite a ways and knocked out my back window! Of course, the 99 Millenia is one of two model years where they do not keep the glass in stock, so it is coming from Atlanta to Charlotte today (Sun, July 31.) From what I can tell, there is not other external damage, which I cannot believe. As it has rained continuously, I have not been able to remove the tarp to check it carefully. What I do know is this: the brake light located at the back window is broken loose and cracked, so it will have to be replaced. (Thank goodness the dealer inspected the car when they finally finished repairing it.) Now, I think I can find someone locally to do this,but a couple questions for you experts....In the back (on either side of brake light) are some speakers for the radio/stereo system as well as some vents. I do not know the purpose of the vents; assume they are with the defrost system, even though there are lots of little wires running through the window. My concern is this---are these speakers and vents water tight? Do I need to have someone check these? And, if there is a problem, do I need to see a dealer? The insurance company said to get the window fixed so I could drive the car, then we would see if there was anything else to do. ADVICE IS NEEDED AND WELCOMED.....THANKS!!!!
  • Hows it going??? Well I am helping my brother find a solution to his
    problem with the Millenia. Well the millenia is a Miller Cycle
    Supercharged engine. He got it for a good deal. The car was actually for the
    dealers GM but they forgot about it in the warehouse so it was sitting for
    about 2 years or more. My brother bought it in 2002 for about 22K, so
    he got a good deal. But now.....

    It started about a year ago that the motor began to tremble. But by
    then the warranty was gone so he is trying to fix it. But he told me that
    added those oil/engine additives and the trembling began later that
    month or so. well hes done it before and there was no problem. he left for
    a while not running it because financial problems but would turn it on
    so the battery would not die.

    But now if he leaves the motor running for a while the trembling stops.
    He then changed the oil and filter again and the trembling stopped but
    its back again. He recently changed the spark plugs and thought it was
    that because they were out...but he turned it on and still trembled??

    MY question is does anyone have any advice??????? We would appreciate
    it. Thanks
  • ckv2002ckv2002 Posts: 1
    I just got an oil change 2 days ago and just today the malfuction indicator light came on. I have standard v6 motor w 59000 miles. I owned this car less than two months. The car has gas and the gas cap is on tightly. The manual says that I have electrical engine system problem. Has anyone had this problem or does anyone no whats causing it or how to fix it? The car runs fine! How many miles per gallon should this car get seems like I'm getting about 15-18 mpg.
  • Hi guys, It's been a while since i last posted here, my MillyS '00 with 82,000 km (51,000 mi.) No major
    issues with it apart from installing a new supercharger! Actually it's a rebuilt done by PSE.
    It is actually better than the original IHI, what i mean is that its not as "sluggish". I was able to notice the difference.
    However, it is a fact that it doesn't like hot & humid air. All in all it is a great car and very good performer on highway driving,
    just came back from a 1600km (1000 mi.) trip and was able to achieve 8.3 L/100km or 33 mi./gal ( US converted to 29 mi/gal),
    Although i must admit that these numbers drop by half on city driving!
    I wonder why? Technically from what i read in different forums, i should be doing between 19/21 mi/gal.
    Tire pressure is CRUCIAL so i check it every week.
    Any thoughts?

  • dcamdcam Posts: 15
    How old is the fuel?Take a sample of it and smell it.See if it is very strong or not.Also,make sure the oil level is not overfilled.This can cause trembling as well.Hope this helps.
  • Anybody?
    All on vacation... :D
  • I recently just purchase MM sedan 01 love the car best value for the money.I can asociates with some of the discussion about the engine light coming on and off.I took it to midas and found that the 02 sensor need replacing labor and part $300.00 Can someone explain why the transmission seem to search for gears at low speed.Will syntheic transmission fluids help,also I review on the message board that MM runs sluggish in hot weather.I took a trip to mississippi and it was hot and humid and the car ran perfect my traveling speed at time was over 90mph.Midas also due timing belt replacement for 300 dollars.I purchased the MM
    with 121,000 and owned it for 4 month not a problem basic maintainces is needed and it's about to be done.I going to have a transmission tune up perform and timing belt replacement.Do you have any suggestion about the transmission, and do you recommend a new water pump with a timing belt replacement?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote: "Can someone explain why the transmission seem to search for gears at low speed."

    That is a completely normal condition, and you will soon learn to compensate for it or just quit noticing it. There is nothing wrong with your transmission.

    My '01 MMP runs perfectly in all weather. I can't answer for the S model, but superchargers are definitely sensitive to humidity and temperature.

    If you are at 121000 miles, you are well past time for a new timing belt. And yes, definitely have the water pump replaced at the same time or you may end up paying double labor later. That is just normal preventive maintenance, although quite expensive as I understand.
  • how can I get more horse power,and will it damage the engine? Can a specfic air filter help.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    If you have the 2.5 engine Google for KLZE Mazda and you might find what you are looking for.

    They have been raced especially in the Ford Probe and Mazda MX-6. It is a very tough engine.
  • Thanks for the reply I have the 2.5 engine and I like about 20 to 30 more horsepower.Autozone rep mention that some spark plug can help about $25.00 per plug and what about the KLN air filter.It was mention also that a fuel stabilizer will help for better gas meilage.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I may get an argument. But I wouldn't give $25 for a solid gold spark plug, and I don't think it will help at all. Why not pull your air cleaner out and drive it in a very clean area for a short time. I don't think that will make any difference. As a matter of fact all the things you mentioned are no more than gimmicks that you will waste your money on.

    That is all I will contribute to this discussion, except to say that if you want better performance go to a performance shop and see what they recommend.
  • Still searching for the "flat spot" off idle and subtle surging when cruising at highway speeds. 99 Milli S has been in the shop for 2 (more) weeks now...still nothing to report except that it runs lean off idle. Surely someone must have fixed this issue as I'm not the only one to post it. HELP! Thx
  • I'm switching from a standard transmission fluid to a synthetic blend from some of the report i"ve read it helps.I hear good review about synthetic oil(which i'm consider changing to) what about synthetic transmission fluid?
  • Let's have a 100,000 miles club and discuss some problem if any on the Explorer.
    I bought the 1995 XLT from carmax 5yrs ago with 62,000 I'm currently rolling with
    158,678 miles an hasn't miss a beat.The problem fuel pump replacement at precesion tune$300.00 less than what the dealer want to charge with 1yr warranty.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi. We have a lot of Ford Explorer discussions where you would be welcome to pursue those throughts. Just use the Browse by Vehicle pulldown menu on the left side of the page to find them.

    We'll keep you here to talk about your Millenia, but send you to one of those to talk about your Explorer! ;)
  • Here in Nashville I've done some research and very soon I will have my timing belt replace due to preventive maintainces and mileage which is 128,000.Midas price with the water pump replacement is $547.00 and I check Tireplus $600.00.This quote is for MP.This car is fun to drive especially when you hit 65 to 85 mph,and i have driven it faster than that over 90mph in hot humid weather and the car ran perfect. I wouldn't trust MS due to the supercharge issue but overall I'm happy with the MP.
  • I did the timing belt, water pump and drive belts myself for about $250. in parts. '95 S model.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Hi All,
    Bought a '99 MM(93k),check engine light came on as driving home from dealer(yes,it was test driven twice,no warning lights),also fuel door would not release/open.Checked fuses,all fine.Checked alternator,battery charge--all fine.Nawing at me that this light must be related to fuel door,removed 60amp fuse for fuel door and replaced w/60amp from ignition(just to see if it would work),put fuel door fuse in ignition fuse slot,that fuse continues to work fine, light went off,fuel door opened...for a day!!Light back on,fuel door not opening.Bought new 60amp fuse,desired results attained....for a day!!Pulled fuse,re-inserted,light now off but fuel door wont open.Fuse box is clean,no sign of corrosion inside.Whats going on here??? Any help?Sounds like maybe a potential short somewhere,pulled door cover and inspected connections to release button,fine.UGHHHHHH.....hate electrical issues.
  • pcfigpcfig Posts: 13
    Hi,wonder if you have solved this issue?I have a '99 MMS,bought one week ago,same "electrical issue/malfunction" light came on as driving home from dealer.Also w/mine,fuel door would not open,I checked/ replaced 60amp fuse and that worked for short time(a day),light came on again,pulled and replaced fuse again and light has been off for 2days.I am thinking this fuse works itself loose and triggers the malfunction light and also disables the fuel door button.Of course,this is probably a "mystifying characteristic" of mine.Car runs great,no misses,hesitations or other indications of trouble.Let me know your results.Good luck,its the other guy you need to watch out for.......
  • what state do you live that a great price"
  • Hi, guys,
    I just bought a 97 MML two weeks ago and went to the garage to have a emissions inspection today. The results came out as FAIL since the "Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is broken or not functioning" as it shown on the report.
    Then I asked the guy from Mazda service to check the code to find that there were three codes
    P0300 pcm: random misfire;
    P0325 pcm: knock sensor;
    P1170 pcm: HO2S(RH) inversion.
    Is there any one has similar experience here? I'd like to know if I should fix all the problems to pass the emission inspection? How much to fix those problems? Also, how much to fix the indicator Lamp?
  • That's only the parts at Advance Auto store. I did the work myself.
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this discussion, recently bought MM'97 base. Check Engine light comes on, and flickering. Car runs well, though. Any suggestion, please?
    Also, car came w/out manual. Is it timing belt or chain? If belt, at what mileage it should be replaced?
    many thanks, Victor
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