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Kia Optima 2006 and earlier



  • When I accelerate the car after a complete stop, the transmissions shifts hard when accelerating to 30 mph. I believe it would have shifted to the 3rd gear. This happens when I accelerate slowly. If I accelerate a little faster, it goes away. Do you think I should get checked? By the way, my car is the LX V6 with the TIPTRONIC tranmission, but it is in automatic mode.
  • Tried to pay more attention to the shifting, and I haven't noticed any hard shifting slow or fast driving. Might get that checked out. Mine has the V6.
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    I am currently the owner of the Hyundai Santa Fe V6....Since some of you might not know that the Santa Fe, Sonata, and Optima are all having the same Tiptronic, Shiftronic, Sportronic but just call differently....Well the Sonata and Optima is running a 2.5 while the Santa Fe is running 2.7 engine...Perhaps the 2002 model will all running under the same 2.7 (I mean the Sonata and Optima might go for 2.7 instead of 2.5)...Well 2.7 is stronger but waste more gas than 2.5....The Optima is nicer than the Sonata but more expensive...So to speak; the Optima should win the Miss Pageant while the Sonata while the Best Price in it owns category....My sister is look forward to buy the 2002 Optima and wish that they have 2.7 engine....
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    but why does the Optima have 70 series 14 inch tires if it costs more than the Sonata? Know the 2000 Sonata also had these as standard in 2000 but upgraded in 2001.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    wow dreams do come true don't they... whudduya know... the Sonata and the Optima WILL get the 2.7L V6 from the Santa Fe! Plus, according to Edmunds, the 2.7L in the Sonata gets better mileage than the strained 2.5L! And if that's not enough, the Sonata gets a new look for '02 and to me it looks better than the current Sonata and about on par with the Optima (that's my opinion however).
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Definitely a good news! They are going to get 2.7 plus Sonata have new look similar to a Lexus while the Optima look similar to the BMW...Both cars have it owns taste.....2.5 waste more gas than 2.7 too...So to speak...good news for the fuel economy coming...I can't wait to see my sister driving the 2002 Optima SE....very nice car...I was hoping the Santa Fe take over the XG300 engine and platform too...XG300 used the 5 speed Shiftronic...But the XG300 will upgrade to the Hyundai Terracan engine (3.5)....
  • hello all , i own an optima 700 miles on it , 2.5 v6 loaded-leath abs black and gas mileage has been bad , maybe 12-16 mpg, does anyone know if this is due to break in period?also moonroof wasnt working(needs motor), and dome light wouldnt shut off, was repaired.........@#$%^&;*
  • I bought my base LX 5-spd early in March and am just turning 9000 miles. I still love the car.

    My driving mostly consists of my weekly commute from the California high-desert to the coast, about 150 miles each direction. The Optima is comfortable and handles well along the curvy Sierra Highway - still a joy to drive. I am typically getting 29 mpg at the pump with my driving being primarily highway miles - and I am talking about maintaining fairly quick speeds and using a lot of the upper end of the tach for passing.

    It is fair to say the Optima drives more like an Italian than a Japanese car. That is to say, the power curve is way up high on the tach. It is typical that at around 55-60 mph as I am getting ready to pass I drop to 3rd gear while awaiting the opportunity. But around town at lower revs it is quite sluggish accelerating without down-shifting - not a lot of pop from 1500 to 2500 RPMs.

    The Pearblossom Highway, about an hour leg of my commute, is a two-lane desert road with a fair amount of traffic. One must be quick to pass safely, and the Optima 4-cyl accelerates very quickly in the upper range. In third gear I may be doing well over 80 as I slip back into my own lane after passing - and this still leaves a few RPM's to go before redline. As you can imagine, I drive my Optima hard, though not brutal, and it will still deliver just over 30 MPG for the highway portion of the drive.

    In all, my KIA likes to be driven. It is cushy and tame when ferrying passengers about and gets a number of compliments for its roominess and comfort. It also has its wild-side, accelerating like a banshee and cornering like it is glued to the road (my other car is a Nissan 300ZX Turbo).

    The Optima may not be the car for everybody, though I don't see why not. After 9K miles I am still quite satisfied with my choice. SK
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,560
    Good to hear from you and that you're still digging your Optima. Your review keeps Optima in my short list of next cars to get. I don't see what's not to like and I still love the looks of Optima. Better than the new Sonata, too. The Optima looks smart, fun and stylish. I still maintain that if I were to get one I would get the I-4 cylinder 5-speed model with just the basic options included in the Optima's initial $15,299 price. Sounds like she's got plenty of pep for passing or quick high-rpm accelerating on the highway. That is cool. My '99 Sephia's at 70,500 miles and running top-drawer as usual. Yes, Kia and Hyundai do rule the automotive world. Glad we all agree!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I have been test driving the optima and am surprised no one has mentioned the automatic trans. I test drove several of the SE V6's and the tranns always seems to want to drop all the way to first with the slightest nudge of the gas. This is far from smooth to drop at 30 miles an hour to 1st gear and the top of the rev range. I like the looks of the car and the it seems like a great value. I have been offered 4k off any model and 5k off the fully loaded SEV6 leather & ABS 17.3 not a bad price, but the shifting thing blows. BTW I just drove the 2002 Sonata with the 2.7, that put my purchase on hold, the 2.7 is a major improvement! It should get interesting the 2002 Sonata shares so many components with the kia. That same strategy killed several GM products and killed the one thing they don't have brand loyalty.
  • you should jump at the offer. the optima does down shift to low gear,but you only notice it when you are cruising slowly. i paid 20900 with1.9 financing loaded all options.your deal has to be cash price- because there are no incentives at this time, or with DEALER financing which is anywhere from 9- 15percent (very expensive in long run) good luck
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    If you like the 2002 Hyundai Sonata 2.7 then the 2002 Kia Optima should have the 2.7 too; which will work similar to the Sonata....
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Actually from 7/4 through 9/4 there was a program in the new york area
    giving them rebates on units sold during the period 1-4 500 5-9 1000
    10-14 1500 16 plus 2000 plus 1000 from factory.
  • that may be true , but i just dont see anyone in the nyc area getting the maximum cash back becausethe dealers ive seen have none in stock or maybe 1 if your lucky.also if you order 1 you will have to wait a very long time 2-3 months, not weeks like dealers always is a dealer supposed to sell alot of optimas when people go there and there is absolutely no selection,and without test drives,also if you notice the commercials for optima are not on anymore(plenty of sonata though) rows and rows of sonata available huge savings and overstocked.i think hyundai controls all this and is not pushing optima at all, they want to get rid of sonatas first, and will wait for new 2.7 to promote optimas again.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    There's plenty of them on long Island KIa hempstead has probably 15 Sun in Wantagh has 15 there are over 50 on the local locator list from basic to fully loaded
  • Okies.. so I heard that the next Tiburon will have a 2.7l 214 horsepower V6.. why doesn't the next Hyundai Sonata and Optima have the same horsepower ratings, even though they have the same displacement?

    And if the XG 300 gets a 3.5l next year, can't they give the Sonata, Optima, and the Santa Fe the 3.0l 192 horsepower V6?

    The 2.7l 181 horsepower is enough power for the Sonata and Optima, but the Santa Fe definitely needs a bigger engine, because the Santa Fe is very heavy..
  • Will Tuscani have 2.7 214 horses?

    Well that's pretty interesting, because I heard that Tuscani's new engine will churn 170~180 horses with 6 speed ZF tranny.
  • Ahn-young-ha-sea-yo!!!

    Actually, I've heard from an organization that is directly involved with Hyundai USA that the Tiburon/Tuscani will indeed have a 2.7l 214 horsepower rating. The 2.7l is supposed to be supercharged.

    Bluewind, can you recall the Hyundai-roadster that was introduced in the, urm, 1999 Detriot Autoshow? Well, that roadster, according to EdmundsCOM, has 214 horsepower.. and I possibly heard that the Tiburon will have the same horsepower.

    If I am mistaken about the Tiburon, I will be very disapointed.
  • How are you doing? :)

    Today in Korea, there was a launching event of Tuscani. According to catalog, it puts out 175 horses. The 2.7 engine doesn't have supercharger.

    However, it may be possible that U.S version Tuscani will get a supercharged engine, because Hyundai always put upsize engines on U.S version Sonatas and Elantras.


    Tuscani website

  • Ha, let me say this:

    I admire you.. I have been looking at these message boards a long time, and I really like how you can speak both Korean and English affectively.

    Thank you for giving us tips and etc. to these message boards about Korean cars!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,560
    A perfect example of his value to these boards is the Kia Sephia site on Edmunds. Bluewinds just cleared up months of confusion by posting links from Korea about Kia Spectra sedan=Kia Sephia II and Kia SpectraWing=Kia Shuma II. These will be 2002 Spectra models in the U.S. and Kia's Sephia goes away for 2002. Go to his last post with the links if you want more info.on this. My point is that Bluewinds cleared it up for us! We were basically just stating our opinions and spinning our wheels.'re invaluable to Edmunds and I want to thank you so much!!!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • More thank yous to bluewind!
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    (oops sorry pat)I mean shrewd semantitician(?) as well.Without bluewind's on the spot feedback, us Korean car lovers would be at the mercy of the several homegrown automotive automatrons,who invade our topics and bash our cars.
  • I'm sure that you people here have much more knowledge and passion about car than I have. Whenever I visit these boards, I get a lot of useful information from your postings about car purchasing and maintenance in the States.

    It is great that we can share what we know and what we think through the World by internet.


  • This is an Optima forum, right?!!

    Okies, well, let's talk about the Optima! Optima!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,560
    future purchases! I'll probably trade next for the Kia Spectra sedan, which bluewinds so kindly pointed out and cleared up once and for all to us is the Sephia II on the Global Korean website. Sorry if you've read that too many times now I'm just still so glad I know the truth and I'm typing it a few extra times for good measure. Bluewinds, you're right, that's how this Internet can be useful. Car enthusiasts can get together from all over the world and share information. I don't know about you guys, but isn't it easy to tell when someone's spreading lies about Kia cars? They're really great cars(no I didn't say good)and I can spot jealous minds from 5,000 miles away. Anyway, Optimize me! That Optima looks great in black, I must say!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • A great big thank you for your confirming information on so many Kia products.
  • This is an Optima TV commercial.(Korean version)

    If you are accessing to fast internet service, you may watch commercial. (3.2 Megabyte...)

    The man who drive an Optima on the commercial is Mr. Lee - CEO of Daum Communication which owns World's 4th largest portal site.

  • this is dreamwind, but i am using my new name, aniryu.. anyways.

    damn, i wish i had dsl. cant see the commercial!!

    oh well.. and thank you, bluewind and fellow koreans, for the obvious support you have given us americans because of the tragedy on tuesday.

    on the news, they showed korean kids praying and crying for americans, which is very touchy. *sobs*..
  • Just passin by. Right click and "save Target As." You may not have a cable or something (what I used), but with 33.6 you could atleast dwnld it and play it back:)
    (98 GS300)
    I think the KIA is a very nice car for the money. I thought it looked at first like a Cadilac Catera (Opel)
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