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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • baazigar
    I am leasing a 2017 Mercedes C300 convertble with MSRP 56,695 in Texas for 36 months on 10,000 miles, Based on the numbers I’ve seen, MF is 0.00108 and RV is 58%. ($32,883)
    The dealer is offering me a selling price of 54,357 ( 4.1% discount), however my fleet program reduces the cost by another $2,000 and he is offering tax credits of approx 2500. Aquisition fee is $1095. This brings the next cap cost to 54,44037.
    The payment he is offering me is 693/month. I am putting my first payment +150 down = $843 down. No security deposit.
    1. By offering to pay a security deposit can I reduce the money factor? Assuming that comes back to me at the end of the lease. Does that work in TX?
    2. By Opting for auto pay do I get a discount and if so how – is it a lower money factor?
    3. What else can I do to get a better deal?
    April 28
  • rachel121
    Hi Kyfdx,
    I have screen shots of 2 Leases worksheets,(CR-V EXL & CR-V Touring) from a Honda dealer in my area in New Jersey. I want the touring model and want to know if there is any real room for negotiation given the information I have. I'm looking for a monthly payment of about $370/12k/36 months and understand I will have to put money down. I'm including the EX-L worksheet as a reference.

    I didn't want to post these worksheets in the forums.

    April 26
  • lilnagle
    Hey can u help me out a little with a lease? I am new to leasing and looking at the new 2017 charger RT Daytona.....I don't know anything about leasing or if leases are negotiable....
    April 22
  • brad1748
    what is the residual value and money factor, lease cash for 2017 Malibu Premier? Thank You.
    April 16
  • red15
    Looking at ordering 2018 Porsche Macan MSRP-$57,980 36mos/10,000 miles per yr.

    Offer on the table:
    MF .0022
    5% off MSRP
    Location: Northeast

    Fair deal?
    April 11
  • kevin55555
    Thank you
    April 9
  • annietn
    Hi There - Can I please get the MF and Residual for 2017 Subaru Forester Touring 2.5i Lease 36 mo/ 12k & 15k in TN? Thanks
    April 8
  • isawitfirst
    Thank you for responding!!
    Kindly post those April numbers when they come out.
    Much appreciated!
    April 7
  • miker143
    hi can you give me MF and residual for 2017 A7 prem plus in ann arbor michigan

    April 5
  • wedphotog
    Since you were kind enough to answer my Acura lease question, can you point me to some directions for calculating lease payments?
    March 27
  • clone1008
    Is it possible to ask you some lease questions here instead of an open forum?
    March 21
  • jpjeep2017
    Could I get the MF and residual for a 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited for 36/12000? Lease to start March of 2017. Thanks!
    March 21
  • 67cutlass442
    Sorry, I should have asked at the same time. Could you also give me MF and residual on 2017 Sienna 36/15000
    March 20