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New york / S.C. myrtle beach
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New york / S.C. myrtle beach
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2016 BMW X-5 35i , 2012 MB ML 350, 2013 Genesis R-SPEC 5.0


  • dean70
    Brian .....question about buying a Honda accord posted in the forum..tks
    March 7
  • dean70
    Thanks........ I got the list of dealers with mgrs. names I will call Jerry and mention you sent me.
    March 7
  • dean70
    Hi Brian I've been reading a lot of your postings on buying and pricing info thru many of these forums. Your buying and negotiating knowledge is impressive . Can u help me with pricing and a target price on a 2017 Ford F- 150 . Any dealers in NY or PA you recommend tks......Dean
    March 6
    • brian125
      Dean use the email I gave you. If you come to NY I will get you a great deal thru one of my dealership contacts that I've been doing business with last 45 years..
  • mike372
    Hi Brian, not sure if you will receive this but after successfully negotiating two Toyota in the last three years I am in the market for an Impala. Seems like these Chevy dealers are not giving much off msrp. Do you know of any dealers in NJ or PA or Maryland that are willing to give more off. Chevy is offering 20% off msrp as a factory discount but I want a decent dealer discount as well. BTW, I learned a lot in the past from your comments as well as others.

    March 5
    • brian125
      Mike... email/ call / go thru there dealers web sites. Use my below Chevy dealerships I have recommend that your willing to travel to . The 17 Impala are not being discounted by dealers like other brands yet. My suggestion when your ready to buy use march 30th or 31st to your advantage . Tell all dealers contacted you buy that day for your models Invoice price minus the $2250 cash incentive money. At worst only go $500 above invoice price for the sale. otherwise wait another month.
      In NJ...Bennett, Flemington, Elkins, Global, Pine belt, Nielsen, Mall, Paramus Chevrolet
      In PA....A&T, Wind gap, Kelly, Bryner, Bergey's, Preston GM superstore
  • dkg11
    Hi Brian - I was not sure how to tag you in the forum as I new to posting, but I posted a few questions relating to the 2017 Honda Accord pricing. No rush, but any feedback would be appreciated.

    February 17
  • lam2ray
    If you need suggested md dealers let me know...............................Good luck

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

    Thanks a lot Brian. I'd definitely appreciate that. This forum helped me a lot when I bought in 2006, and I'm looking to buy today if possible. I have been dealing with Criswell but they don't have Touring on their lot and they would not come down on price, presumably because they are getting it from somewhere else. Your suggestion on dealers and price will be greatly appreciated.
    January 31
    • brian125
      Pit these dealers against each other in MD these are my Fav's. Shoot every one a email or make a direct call to the internet managers/ depts. ( especially if your buying today)

      Shockley, Jim Coleman , Pohanka , Criswell, O'Donnell, Brown's , Heritage of Parkville.

      These dealers below are hit and miss depending if they need end of the month sales quotas.

      1- Herson's
      2- College
      3- Ourisman
      4- Sport