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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • hillbilly77
    Yes sir, Payments-
    $5k down $257
    $4k down $280
    $3k down $310

    July 23
  • compgen25
    If possible looking for any lease info MF, residual, lease cash on a 12000/36 for a 2017 F250SRW XLT.  
    July 22
  • dcsai78
    Thank you for your prompt responses. You are a hero!

    Need your advice - the Kia dealers here in the Triangle region in NC, are advertising ~$31,320 on Kia Optima SXLs that have an MSRP of $37,090 on their website. Should I even try to ask to adjust the selling price to $27320, to account for the $4,000 lease cash. Asking as the usual dealer speak is "all listed prices include all incentives and rebates". Any insights will greatly help!

    Thanks again!
    July 20
  • samnewcar
    Confused about buy vs lease for a Porsche 911 4S coupe. Will likely exceed the 15K miles/yr by 2-3000 miles each yr. Also, my first time experimenting with a sports car. I have excellent credit. Am trying to figure out
    1. If I like the car: What is the downside to leasing now and buying at the end of 3 years vs. buying now
    2. If I don't enjoy the experience: Am I better off leasing and return with penalties for excess miles/wear and tear vs. trying to sell a car I bought and was paying off.

    July 20
  • fp10023
    i forgot to add it was a service loaner, it was never titled
    July 14
  • andreszegarra
    Hello! Could you provide me the RV and MF for a 2017 Mazda CX5 Touring AWD in New York City

    36months/12K miles a year?

    36months/10K miles a year?
    June 22
  • Wjgreek
    Hi. Thanks for your great service to the leasing community. Do you have MF and residuals yet for 2017 4WD Colorado Crew Cabs? If yes, 36/15 and 36/20 would be great in FLorida.
    June 11
  • wildorchid
    Can you kindly tell me the money factor and residual value on a 39 mo, 10000 miles/yr lease of a 2017 Subaru Outback Limited with Navi/Eyesight/Starlink... I am leasing hopefully by the end of this month in Brooklyn, NY.
    Many thanks!
    June 4
  • vmac1313
    Do you have the MF and residual values for '17 Rogue SV FWD for 36/12 and the area code 52807 (Davenport, Iowa)?
    June 2